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I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while and finally got around to figuring things out.  For now, I’m just testing the waters and seeing how things go, but I’m hoping it will pan out the way I’d like.

First off, I’m a big fan of reading new material and visiting different blogs.  I wanted to feature a post per day, giving readers a chance to get to know other blogs and read interesting posts.  Here are the categories and links. ~Marie


Good Morning, Joe’s Featured Posts

Photography Friday

“Wrinkles” by SethSnap
“Lost In Time” by Jenna Mule Photography
Texture Pieces” by Snapshooter
“Rome – The Colusseum” by thatthereengland
“Day Thirty Five: French Windows” by The Truffula Seed
“A Year In Pictures” by Nibsblog

Saturday’s Relationship Spiels

“Television Trollop” by Sass and Balderdash
“I Adore My Husband (Part Two)” by Maddie Cochere
“Today’s word is…LOVE” by Stan of Few Words
“Breakups and Wild Mushroom Lasagna” by Domestic Diva M.D.
“Benefits of a Broken Heart” by Packing For Mars
“Life Is More than a Game of Candy Land” by Fingers Crossed…Everything Crossed

Self Improvement Sunday

“How Gratitude Can Be A Life Changer Overnight ” by My Life Changes
“5 Steps To Loving Yourself” by Diggin’ This Chick
“Great Article On Happiness, especially for the busy holidays” by Start Life Today
“Three Gifts You Should Give Yourself Every Single Day” by The Starling Life
“An Inspirational Snack” by The Better Man Project
“955. Go a Whole Week Without Watching Any TV” by 1000 Achievements For Life

Mommy Musings Monday

“Evidence my Toddler is Smarter than Me” by Laments and Lullabies
“On Raising A Little Princess (Who Belches In Public)” by good.enough.momma
“Making Friends” by Second City Mommy
“10 Things You Need to Know…” by The Prairie Plate
“New Years Eve With a Toddler” by Mama Chitchat
“Motherhood: Dealing with poop, puke, and boogers and not losing your appetite”
by Marriage Motherhood and Madness

Helpful Tips Tuesday

“5 Tips To Dealing With Criticism” by A Life Document
“My Current Skin Care Favorites (Skin Care Tips)” by Victoria Tiffany
“Organizing Your Home” by Lily Reports
 “Why It’s Okay To Reject a Guy You Aren’t Attracted to” by Date Advice Guy
“My New Years Resolution Tips” by doodles, scribbles & laughter
“5 Simple Steps to Clearing the Clutter (painlessly)” by Super Organized Life

Random Writing Wednesday

“Welcome to Magnificence™. Population: Le Clown” by A Clown On Fire
“The Difference Between Nannying and Babysitting” by Life In Pint Sized Form
“10 Facts About Women With the Initials L.L” by palisadespete
“Holiday Hopper” by Once A Month 4 Ladies
“Sveta’s Succulent” by Fur and Frond
“10 Personal Post Secrets Revealed” by Becca at 25tofly

Thoughtful Thursday

“First Time Sharing” by theinnerwildkat
“A Letter To The Teenage Me” by Good Luck Lucy
“Mix Tape: I guess I’m the hero” by rarasaur
“Peeps, Wrap It Up!” by ourmulticolouredlife
“In Which We Get a Little Sensible” by aquaintquibble
“Let’s Misbehave” by Tangents and Hyperbole


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