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New Featured Posts: Week 8

Hello, Fellow Bloggers!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful morning!  The new featured posts are now up, so I hope that you’ve all been checking them out.   Please feel free to sneak a peek (in any order you’d like), leave a comment here and there and like/follow whenever inspiration hits.  Here is a list of this week’s Good Morning Joe’s Featured Posts.


Photography Friday

Post Title: A Stolen Moment”
By:  Ky-Leidoscope

About the post: I think the title of this post says it all.  View a stolen moment in time between a man in a top hat and a woman leaning against a wall under an arch.  Well done, Ky-Leidoscope.  Talk about ” being at the right place at the right time!”

Post Quote:  ” I snapped the picture out of instinct, not really knowing what I had captured.” (read more…)


Post Title: “Sara”
By: A Clown On Fire

About the post: There are many types of relationships in this world.  A Clown On Fire writes about a memory of his relationship with Sara and the budding relationship between her and his son.  A sweet moment worth cherishing and a memory that will last forever.

Post Quote: “Papa, is Sara your best friend? The kid was four, and some. Through the rear-view mirror, a glimpse of a coy smile. My son wasn’t sure what he’d just asked. A  woman sharing a bed with me, spooning, looking peaceful, who was not his mother. Who was she?” (read more…)


Self-Improvement SundayPost Title: “The Joy of Loss”
By: Silver Lining

About the post: Figuring out ways to deal with loss can be difficult.  This post talks a lot about acceptance and realizing that we chose each and every day to live the way we do: with love and loss.

Post Quote:  “And I will gladly choose the joy of love, and the inevitable pain of loss, every time.” (read more…)


Mommy Musings MondayPost Title: “Circus Clowns, Electrical Jolts, and Angry Growls – Oh My!” 
By:  living in GRACEland

About the post: Small things, big battles, arguments, and crazy “fire-breathing-momma” moments.  Ah, the joys of motherhood.  You love them, but sometimes your life is like one big, giant circus full of dirty laundry and menacing looks.

Post Quote:  “I love my children. I really do. I would lay down my life for them. I would. I do daily, in so many ways.  But this morning, I was THIS close to selling them to the circus. They could be clowns. Or a sideshow – Step right up! Watch the Brawling Boys! Catch a glimpse of the Moody Teenage Girls! It’s Ama-aaaaa-aaaaa-ZING!”  (read more…)


Helpful Tips TuesdayPost Title: “How to Overcome Procrastination”
By: Natasha Jane Chrisandina

About the post: Natasha Jane Chrisandina writes about her personal ways of overcoming procrastination.  Whether it’s giving yourself a swift kick in the butt to get you going or getting to know yourself, these tips may just be the ones you’re looking for.

Post Quote:  “I yell at myself sometimes. Not too harsh, just like “Come on, get up!” in the mornings. I talk to myself a lot, so I yell at myself and motivate myself.” (read more…)


Random Writing WednesdayPost Title: “The Restaurant Redemption”
By:  Sass and balderdash

About the post: Dining at a restaurant with a friend should be fun!  Unfortunately, that was not the case for Katie, author of Sass and balderdash.  If you’ve ever had a terrible waitress, you’ll get exactly where she is coming from with this post about her latest restaurant experience.

Post Quote: “Up until yesterday I was on a hot streak ofdecent waiter/waitress service. In the past several trips out to restaurants, I had received a range of mediocre to very good service. In short, I haven’t experienced a bitchy, jaded wait staff member in quite some time. Unfortunately, the spell was broken yesterday at lunch with my friend at a small, local restaurant we frequent.” (read more…)


Post Title: “Baby Shower”
By:  momjeanz

About the post: The author writes about the wonderful memories of her baby shower.  The post includes pictures and weird coincidences between her belly art and certain characteristics of her daughter’s personality.

Post Quote:  “I still crack up looking through these belly art pics. I forgot that the more people drank the more “drag queen” my belly baby became. I’m ok with it.” (read more…)

So, there they are!

Don’t forget that from now on the links will be available in the top menu under THIS WEEK’S FEATURED POSTS from now on and will be updated every Friday.  Please take a look, you may be missing out on a great blog!  Hope you enjoy them!  Also, send me any links to post(s) that you think would be perfect for one (or more) of these categories (by yourself or a fellow blogger) and I’ll check it out!

Want to read more featured posts? Check out a list of all the previous weeks of featured posts here!

See you tomorrow morning!

GMJ SunGood Morning, Joe Marie


3 thoughts on “New Featured Posts: Week 8

  1. Marie,
    I love this feature, and the way you showcase bloggers. And there’s one about circus clowns, I see… Guess where I’m going?
    Le Clown

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