Organize it!

Do you have a lot of different junk drawers?  Things you have no idea where to store? Important papers that you’re constantly searching for?

Organization is one of the keys to minimizing the stress you may not even realize you’re feeling.  Do you remember running around looking for that spare key?  Searching for what seems like forever for those important documents?  Those are times that you can reduce all your worry and tension, just by organizing a few important things in your home:

  • keys/spare keys
  • passports
  • insurance papers
  • mortgage/rent papers
  • banking information
  • finances
  • bills
  • medical/dental documents
  • licenses
  • personal documents
  • receipts
  • tax information
  • tools
  • Important telephone numbers

First of all, take a little trip to Bureau en Gros, Staples, or your local office supply store.  Buy yourself a “Portable File” (for only $8.99 at the two stores I mentioned).

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Portable File

What’s great about this filing box is that it has a file for pretty much every important document that you have from “Automobile” to “Utilities”.  Take a couple of hours one day to go through every paper and document that you have stored away somewhere.  Go through each paper, throw out what you don’t need, and file the rest in the appropriate category.

Just remember, whenever you receive documents, papers, receipts, or prescriptions PUT IT IN THE FILING BOX RIGHT AWAY!

What happens to a lot of people is they put papers in a certain place, like on a desk or counter top, thinking that they’ll sort it out later.  Days go by, or even months, and the papers have been forgotten or thrown out by accident.

So, take a step in the right direction.

Organize it!

If you aren’t much of a handy person and don’t have a toolbox or a complete set of tools, I suggest you get a toolbox (big or small).  For example, this tool box costs only $8.97 at Home Depot:

Tool Box

Take a few minutes to locate all the tools you have in your house, shed, or garage and put them in.  That way, when you’re looking for a quick fix, you know exactly where to turn to!  Just remember that once you take a tool out, you need to put it back in.

As for spare keys, designate one spot (and one spot ONLY!) for any spare keys you may have.  If, for example, you  have one key for a certain lock that you only use from time to time, make sure you get a copy in case it goes missing (especially for those small keys that tend to vanish into thin air).  You could put them all on one key chain, get some hooks for different set of keys, or better yet jar it!


Jar it!

As for important telephone numbers, try to write down all your telephone numbers.  You never know when your cellphone might die on you.  You could keep them in the filing box or even a telephone book.  What I suggest, though, is mainly for telephone numbers for:

  • Poison Control
  • Police Station
  • Hospitals in your area
  • Doctor’s Office
  • Customer Service numbers (your cell phone company, internet provider, etc.)
  • School
  • Insurance
  • Pharmcy
  • City Hall
  • etc.

Take an hour of your time to look up these numbers and type them up (or write them down).  Save them in a file on your computer, post them up on a wall/bulletin board/fridge, or if you have a home phone, tape it nearby so anyone has quick and easy access to it.

Just remember, taking a little bit of time out of your day to organize small things in your life can lessen your chances of a headache later!  No more arguments over “who put what where”!  No more stress!  Just make the time and ORGANIZE IT!

See you tomorrow morning!
-Good Morning, Joe

You can do it!


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