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A Note To FollowersThis is a blog specifically designed to entertain you while you have your morning cup of coffee.  Scan random topics, interesting facts, and different ideas! Check out easy recipes, cleaning tips, beauty advice and much more! Good Morning, Joe even has new weekly Featured Posts every Friday, so keep coming back for more! It’s everything you need wrapped up in one little blog!

Here’s the story…

This morning, while sipping on my morning cup of coffee, I came to a sudden realization: one of the highlights of my day is waking up and enjoying that fist sip of smoking hot coffee.  Not only is it the coffee I enjoy, but my morning ritual of taking out my laptop, logging into Word Press, and reading random posts on people’s blogs.

I believe that everyone needs a website or blog to look up everyday whether it’s while having a morning cup o’ joe, or on a coffee break at work.  Everyone deserves some time to just get their mind off of the every day life…even if for only a few minutes.

On top of writing my own ramblings, I would like to post some blogs from other people, talented writers, and quotes.  Feel free to comment on anything I put up, or just send me a link to a blog I might like.  Remember…

“A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent”

About Marie…

Marie GMJI am a 26 year old living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  I currently work as a waitress and spend my free time loving and living life to the fullest.  I am constantly trying to better myself, defeating life’s challenges (from small to big), and overcoming obstacles.  It’s what keeps me sane!

My boyfriend, Chris, and I recently bought our first home and are always learning new things everyday.  Not just about owning a house, but about life, people, relationships, and every little thing that comes with it.  One of my biggest passions is music. I write and sing my own songs and can play piano and guitar (along with a basic knowledge of mandolin, bass, drums, and violin – sort of).

Everyday life is my biggest interest.  The small, simple things in life really do count!  Communication is key and no matter what age you are, you can learn something new every day.



Good Morning, Joe Marie


37 thoughts on “About Good Morning, Joe

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  12. Marie,
    Heard in my living room:
    My wife (Laments and Lullabies): Do you read Good Morning Joe?
    Le Clown: Just recently, yes. She’s from our part of the world.
    My Wife: I really like her. She said great things about children.
    True story.
    Le Clown

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