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Mommy Musings Monday: Week 9

Good Morning, Joe Features…

Mommy Musings Monday

 “So Long and Thanks For All the Fish…”

By:  Of Moms and Monsters

About the post: After a conversation about what you would say to yourself “pre-babies”, Of Moms and Monsters decided to write a letter to her “Then-Self”.  Don’t you wish you could go back to before and whip yourself into shape to get ready for whatever adventures lay ahead?  What would you say to yourself?  Take a look at what she said.

Post Quote:  You are going to wake up a few years from now, and your kid is going to be screaming like the hounds of hell are in his bed.  That night will mark the first of many.  You think you’re open-minded now?  You’re not.  You think you’re tough?  You have a spine of steel?  You aren’t, and you don’t.”  (read more…)

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