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Random Writing Wednesday: Week 8

Good Morning, Joe Features…

Random Writing Wednesday

“The Restaurant Redemption”

By:  Sass and balderdash

About the post: Dining at a restaurant with a friend should be fun!  Unfortunately, that was not the case for Katie, author of Sass and balderdash.  If you’ve ever had a terrible waitress, you’ll get exactly where she is coming from with this post about her latest restaurant experience.

Post Quote: “Up until yesterday I was on a hot streak ofdecent waiter/waitress service. In the past several trips out to restaurants, I had received a range of mediocre to very good service. In short, I haven’t experienced a bitchy, jaded wait staff member in quite some time. Unfortunately, the spell was broken yesterday at lunch with my friend at a small, local restaurant we frequent.” (read more…)

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