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3 Bonus Items For Your Living Room

Feel like treating yourself to a few new items around the house to spiffy up the place?

I find I’m always searching for little things that could make tiny differences around our home.  It can be convenient, fun, cute, and/or just super cool in that “I want that right NOW!” sort of way.  So why not treat yourself to a few things around the house that could make your life just a little bit simpler?

Looking to spruce up your living room?  Here are a few ideas!

1. Electronic Candles

These electronic candles are amazing!  I found them at La Source (a store here in Quebec) for a decent price.  They look exactly like a real candle, only electric.  So, instead of going out yet again to buy candles to liven up the room, try these!  They smell and look like real candles.  An added bonus is there is no fire hazard, no forgetting to blow them out.

2.  Mobile Laptop Computer Stand

Extremely convenient for anyone taking their work home with them or needing to do school work.  Sitting at the same old desk or table to get the job done can be annoying when all you need to do is sit comfortably on the couch or in an armchair.  This item gives you a chance to change your surroundings, so when you’ve got writer’s block or  just need a change of scenery, this is a handy item to have around.  Plus, it gives you the freedom to move around rather than having your laptop on your lap all the time.

3. Photo Coasters

Cute, simple, and practical!  Put in pictures of your family, loved ones, friends and pets.  Excellent for parties as well because your glass is the one on the coaster with your cat Sniffles in it. Plus, it keeps the glasses from making rings on the living room table.  See? Practical!

You may have to shop around to find this living room accessory, online may be your best bet, but this novelty item will personalize the room and you’ll have memories scattered around the room.

Little things really do help…

It’s amazing how the little things in life and something as simple as a cabinet shelf can make your life  just a little bit easier.  You may not even notice it, but little things really do make a difference.  Take a second to see how it affects you, your mood or your body.  You may be pleasantly surprised.


See you tomorrow morning!

GMJ SunGood Morning, Joe Marie

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