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3 Bonus Items For Your Kitchen

Feel like treating yourself to a few new items around the house to spiffy up the place?

I find I’m always searching for little things that could make tiny differences around our home.  It can be convenient, fun, cute, and/or just super cool in that “I want that right NOW!” sort of way.  So why not treat yourself to a few things around the house that could make your life just a little bit simpler?

Looking to spruce up your kitchen?  Here are a few ideas!

Cabinet Shelf1. Cabinet  Shelf

It seems so obvious, right?  But for those of you who never even thought of putting this in your cupboard, you should really consider it.  At my house, we have kitchen cabinets that don’t have many shelves, but a lot of space in between where we stack our dishes.  It was quite annoying to have to lift smaller plates to get to the bigger plates.  One day, walking down the aisles at Walmart, I found this handy and adjustable shelf that was just perfect for our cabinets.  I bought one right away and now our plates and bowls are all separate and in their proper place.  No more stacking smaller dishes on top for us

Memory Foam Kitchen Mat2. Memory Foam Kitchen Mat

Do your legs and feet hurt from standing in front of the stove while cooking dinner or washing dishes after a great meal?  Why not try a comfortable mat to help with the pain of standing in place for long periods of time!  Like the memory foam bath mats (our suggestions for 3 Bonus Items For Your Bathroom), these are a just as soft and better suited for the comfort of your kitchen.  These look more like a rug and will fit in nicely with your decor.

3. Bamboo Board With Tray

Bamboo Board With Tray

This is such a cool item.   It’s a 2 in 1 cutting board that allows you to chop your food on the bamboo board and then transfer it to a tray to bring to your pot on the stove or…anywhere else you’d like to go with it!  It allows you to have the beauty of a bamboo board (which, while very nice can be heavy) and the practicality of a light, easy to manage tray.  What do you think? I just love it!

Little things really do help…

It’s amazing how the little things in life and something as simple as a cabinet shelf can make your life  just a little bit easier.  You may not even notice it, but little things really do make a difference.  Take a second to see how it affects you, your mood or your body.  You may be pleasantly surprised.


See you tomorrow morning!

GMJ SunGood Morning, Joe Marie


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