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I don’t know how many years ago, but when my twin sister and I were young, we were either getting ready for Halloween or playing dress up and my father painted our faces and decided to take a picture.  We were to be clowns!



Yes, we are twins!  Hard to believe, right?  I think it’s just hilarious how my twin (on the left) has blonde hair, blue eyes (can’t tell in this picture though), pale skin and I have dark brown hair, brown eyes, and darker skin.  We looked like complete opposites and so much so a friend of her’s (now a mutual friend) in high school thought that we were best friends, because whenever she’d “visit my sister” I’d always be there.  I don’t know how long it was that she didn’t know, but it was a while.  Too long.

Anyway, back to the picture.  My father painted…

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