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The Pinterest “To-Do List”

Let’s get things straight…

Are you a “lists” person?  You know, someone who writes out what they want to do, have to do, and absolutely NEED to do?  It seems like everyone nowadays has their own “To Do List”, whether it be on sheet of paper taped up on the fridge or organized in their daily planner.  For most people, it may seem like all they do is run around checking things off on their list of things to do…and that list sometimes is endless.

Well I, for one, am a very visual person and writing down my To-Do List on a piece of paper just wasn’t doing it for me anymore.  Realizing that  I needed something I could see on a daily basis, I decided it was time for a change. Yes – writing my To-Do List on a piece of paper was a big help for getting a bunch of thoughts out of my mind , but once it was out of my head, it seemed like those goals never got accomplished.

So, being the visual person I am, I thought that it might be time to try a new type of To Do List.  I’m calling it The Pinterest To-Do List.  Now, I have no idea if this is already a “thing”, but I find that Pinterest would be a great tool to use along with my idea, so here…I’ll walk you through it.

(If you’re unfamiliar with Pinterest I would suggest visiting their About Page here before starting.  Take a look around, see the type of ideas that are being shared and just have fun with it.  Once you’ve gotten a feel for it, continue with the task at hand : Organizing your Pinterest To-Do List.)

Organizing Your Pinterest To-Do List

1. Take a picture of the task you want to start.

To keep things simple, let’s call this picture the Task Picture.  So, let’s say you want to revamp your laundry room.  Start off by taking a picture (which will be your Task Picture) of the condition it’s in already.  It may look unorganized, dirty, cluttered, etc. but that’s the whole point.  You  want to see it as is.   The whole reason for taking a picture is that you’ll be seeing it constantly, until it really bothers you  instead of just only thinking about it when you’re in that room.  If the task is out of sight, it’s out of mind, so we want to put that task right up in front of you to see!

2. Create a new board.

Marie's Visual To-Do List

Marie’s Visual To-Do List

I would suggest creating a new board (or boards) specifically for your To-Do List.  Here’s an example of my own Pinterest To-Do List.  I know this site can already inspire you with home decorating and improvement ideas, but I think there are so many pictures out there that people just “Like” them, repin them, and then forget about them all together.  There are too many to choose from, so the idea here is to become more focused.   Really take the time to organize your board(s).

3.  Title your boards correctly.

Marie's Visual To-Do List (Laundry Room)

Title your boards correctly

For example, I titled one of my boards Laundry Room To-Do List. In this board I will only put in pictures that will help me in my goal of renovating and redecorating my laundry room. I took my Task Picture of my unorganized laundry room and set it as my board cover.    Be sure to set the Task Picture as your board cover, since that’s the picture you’ll want to keep seeing to inspire you to do something about it.

(If you want to know how to set your board cover, click here.)

4.  Add inspirational photos to your board and describe them correctly.

Remember to be selective when choosing inspirational photos. The pictures I added to my board inspired me for specific reason.  I found one picture that had a shelf under the window (it was also similar to my set up).  I really liked that idea so I added that picture (as a pin) to my Laundry To-Do List board and described it as Laundry Room: Put up shelf under window.  (Learn how to add a pin here.)

Marie's Visual To-Do List (Laundry Room Pictures)

Describe your pictures (pins) correctly

Really make sure to describe your pictures (your pins) correctly.   The descriptions of my pins read:

  • To-Do: Renovate/Decorate Laundry Room
  • Laundry Room:  Put up shelf under window.
  • Laundry Room: Have an area to sort whites and darks.

You’ll want to label them in a way that is clear to you, so that you understand what the picture means to the task.  If you just take a picture of a random laundry room and describe it as “Cool laundry room” then you aren’t focusing on specifics.  Being specific with what you want to accomplish will be extremely helpful.

(You may have to learn how to Edit You Pins)

5. Post “After” pictures.

In my board called “Basement To-Do List” my board cover is a Task Picture of the shelves in my basement.  I really needed to clean it up and organize it, so I found pictures online to help inspire me.  After I completed the task, I added an “After” picture to show off all my hard work.  When I look at it now, I feel good knowing what a difference it made compared to before.  It’s great motivation to help you accomplish more tasks.

6. Create other To-Do List boards.

I wanted a more general To-Do List  so I made myself a  Chores To-Do List board.  I went around taking pictures of all the little chores I need to get done this week.  For example, I took a picture of my Christmas Tree, pinned it to my Chores To-Do List board and described it as “Take down Christmas Tree” .  That way, when I’m wondering what to do with my time during the week, all I have to do is consult this board for a quick, everyday sort of task.  By looking at the pictures,  I can see what needs to be done right away and will be helpful when trying to prioritize what needs to be done…just by looking at it.

There you have it… The Pinterest To-Do List!

It may seem like a lot at first, but once you get into your groove I think you’ll never look back.  Anything that can help you get motivated to get things done can’t be all bad, right?  So if you are a visual person, why not try The Pinterest To-Do List.  If you try it out, send me a link so I can check it out.  I’ll be happy to see your progress.

Have any thoughts, ideas, or feedback? Feel free to comment below!

See you tomorrow morning!

GMJ SunGood Morning, Joe Marie

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