Marie's Musings

There are these moments in life that make you think am I doing the right thing?  Should I say “yes”? Should I say “no”?  It can be an overwhelming feeling.   Of course, it all happens in a matter of seconds before you state your decision, but it can rattle you nonetheless.

The biggest problem I have is saying no, especially when it comes to work.  If someone calls me and asks me to come in on my day off the answer is almost 100% of the time yes.  It’s annoying.  It brings me down.  It makes me feel weak.  I’m afraid that if I say no, people will think that I’m lazy or that I’m selfish for wanting my 3 days off.

Yes – I get 3 days off a week.  The reason is because in 4 days I do 33 to almost 40 hours (depending on how…

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