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Hello GMJ  Readers!

I’m really happy to let you all know that I have come to a decision today.  What is it, might you ask?  Well I’m about to tell you!  I’ve decided that I would very much like to keep my more personal posts separate from Good Morning, Joe to allow more flexibility with those posts and keep Good Morning, Joe more focused on posts to read with your morning coffee.  I hope this will help ease my mind a bit and keep things more “organized” in its…uh…unorganized ways.  (Does that make any sense at all??)

The blog is called:  Marie’s Musings

I’ve reblogged my favorite “Get To Know Marie” posts from GMJ in there already and look forward to writing new posts.  It will be a “write when I feel like it” blog so, no pressure.  Just my thoughts and ideas, etc.

If you’re interested in reading more, feel free to follow and I look forward to seeing you there.


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