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Check out “Making Friends” by Second City Mommy for Good Morning, Joe’s Mommy Musings Monday.

See you tomorrow morning!

GMJ SunGood Morning, Joe Marie

Second City Mommy

Up until this point in Mia’s life, the friends and play dates we have are really the result of me being friendly or having relationships with the playmate’s mother. Play dates after all are really for mom. A chance to pass some time in your long day and have a minute of adult conversation.

When Mia started coming home every day from school talking about her classmate “M” and then we went to parent/teacher conferences and was told that her and “M” buddy around all the time, I realized that Mia made a friend all on her own.

Then I did something I had never done before, I scheduled a play date on behalf of Mia. I had met “M”‘s mom in passing at pick-up and she seemed very nice. I looked at the class list and sent her an email and we arranged to go to lunch at Northbrook…

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