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I Wear My Sunglasses At Night: Marie’s Shades Showoff

When I was in high school and college, for some reason I loved wearing sunglasses when pictures were being taken.  I know, it’s kind of weird, right?  It’s not because I thought I looked cool or I was self-conscious about anything to do with my eyes, but it just seemed like the right thing to do in the moment and it just sort of….happened.

If I was out with friends, someone always seemed to have a pair on them and I’d put them on even if it was dark outside or if we were in a dimly lit jazz bar.  Didn’t matter.  Somehow, someway they would end up on my face and I wouldn’t take them off until I got tired of seeing the world in a different light.

Sunglasses also seemed to be put on at parties when we were all just being silly and goofing around.  My friend, L, had many pairs and we’d switch them up, try them all on and see which ones looked best.  I remember that once she was upset because her ex-boyfriend had one of her pairs and as a surprise I tracked him down, asked if I could get them back for her, and I went all the way to his place to pick them up for her.  They are now back home safely with her.

As I was going through all the pictures on my laptop yesterday, I came across quite a few pictures I clearly remember having taken of me and others I didn’t remember being taken at all (not because of an “I drank too much” reason).  In those pictures, a few of them I was wearing sunglasses! How did this happen? The weird thing is, I don’t even own a pair of sunglasses! I think I did, once.  But I’ve never seen a picture of me wearing them and I didn’t have them for long.  I probably lost them.

So, for all of you to see, here are some of the pictures I found of me wearing shades!  Please feel free to laugh at the ridiculousness of it.  In fact, I encourage it.


See you tomorrow

Good Morning, Joe


6 thoughts on “I Wear My Sunglasses At Night: Marie’s Shades Showoff

  1. How fun! I had to chuckle at the title of your post as when I was 18 I went to see Rick Springfield in concert and Corey Hart was the opening act. Mom had to go as my baby sister (8 at the time) wanted to go and mom insisted her baby couldn’t go alone with me. Mom still talks about him “wearing his sunglasses at night”.

  2. I’m trying to catch up today! I love your pictures of you in sunglasses. Not everyone does sunglasses well, but you are really cute, and you stand out as unique (in a good way) in your pictures. Really fun!

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