Photography Friday

Photography Friday

Hello, Good Morning Joe, Readers!

Photography Friday

Oh, gosh, feeling a little bit silly right now.  I thought I had posted a post for Photography Friday and then realized that I hadn’t. My bad!  So here it is and hopefully you’ll look into SethSnap‘s post entitled “Wrinkles” since it was the featured post for this week’s Photography Friday.  In case you missed my new ideaGood Morning, Joe is now featuring a post a day based on the following categories.


  • Photography Friday
  • Saturday’s Relationship Spiels
  • Self-Improvement Sunday
  • Mommy Musings Monday
  • Helpful Tips Tuesday
  • Random Writing Wednesday
  • Thoughtful Thursdays

So, this week (starting with Friday) I featured the following posts:

So, today, why not check out a great post by SethSnap called “Wrinkles”.  Read it, like it, comment and follow if you feel the need!  Come back next week to check out  a new featured post by clicking on the picture or link on the right hand side of the screen below “Photography Friday”.  The links will be posted up all week until the following Friday where I’ll feature 7 new posts.

If you have any posts that should be featured in one (or many) of these categories, let me know in a comment below!

See you tomorrow morning!

Good Morning, Joe

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6 thoughts on “Photography Friday

  1. Gosh, you are so disciplined to put out a post per day, and each with a theme! Lovely photo this week, those images you linked to are really nice, great use of depth of field :)

    I must post some of my pics on my blog sometime! You’ve inspired me hehe :)


    • It’s something new that I’m trying out. There are a lot of posts out there that I really enjoy and want others to see them too. Hopefully people will check them out as much as I’d like. Supporting other people’s writing is really important (well- I think). I’ll probably keep doing it, even if I don’t get the kind of response I’d like (which is people clicking and reading the posts), but I won’t write a post about it each day. Maybe only until people get used to the idea that it’s a daily/weekly thing.

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