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Saturday’s Relationship Spiels

Good Morning, GMJ Readers!

Saturday's Relationship Spiels

Saturday’s Relationship Spiels

What a beautiful morning it is here in Montreal.  Even though I hate the snow and cold weather, I have to say that a light layer on snow on the ground can really make the indoors feel much more comfy-cozy warm.

Well, today is Saturday and in case you missed my last post, Good Morning, Joe is now featuring a post a day based on the following.


  • Photography Friday
  • Saturday’s Relationship Spiels
  • Self-Improvement Sunday
  • Mommy Musings Monday
  • Helpful Tips Tuesday
  • Random Writing Wednesday
  • Thoughtful Thursdays

So, this week (starting with Friday) I featured the following posts:

So, today, why not check out a great post by Sass and balderdash called “Television Trollop”.  Read it, like it, and follow if you feel the need.  Come back next week to check out  a new featured post by clicking on the picture or link on the right hand side of the screen below “Saturday’s Relationship Spiels”.  The links will be posted all week until the following Friday where I’ll feature 7 new posts.

If you have any posts that should be featured in one (or many) of these categories, let me know in a comment below!

See you tomorrow morning!

Good Morning, Joe

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14 thoughts on “Saturday’s Relationship Spiels

  1. Ha! Katie’s lucky you picked that one instead of her cheating on the DVR one… Seems like she and her boyfriend are having a bit of a ménage relationship with that tv. ;-) (maybe the reason they can’t look away is because they have porn on?) hahaha!

  2. I was fortunate to visit Montreal once but it was in the summer. I don’t mind snow as in NYC we get our fair share. Love your friends picture, it captured their love and contentment very well.

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