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NaBloPoMo: What I Have To Show For It

Hello, Good Morning, Joe Readers!

Today is the last day of NaBloPoMo.  It’s finally over, and although I say finally in a relieved manner, I have to tell you that I’ve learned quite a few things this month.

For one, if I really really wanted to, I could actually write a post every day.  Originally, I wanted to participate in NaBloPoMo to see if I could actually do it because a lot of days when I first started Good Morning, Joe I would tell myself “Oh, I don’t have time for this today” even though I desperately wanted to write.  I wanted to kick that habit and not procrastinate because I was feeling lazy.  I hate that even though I know we all have our moments of laziness.

In the process, however, what I learned is that I actually don’t want to write a post a day.  Although the idea did strike me as a great idea at first, I’ve found that giving a bit of time between posts is best for me.  The pressure of writing a post a day is a little stressful, I gotta tell ya, and I sincerely prefer to write on my own time.  Although, a swift kick in the butt is good motivation, I wouldn’t want to compromise my writing.  Keeping it up for another month would have led to less interesting posts and I may have become bitter about writing rather than become more and more inspired.

Something great that came out of it was more views than October and September, and many more followers.  I loved the comments from random people and the little interactions as well.  Also, I think I got a few good posts in there as well.  A lot of them I worked hard on (especially the ones with many pictures).

If you’re interested in checking out some of the posts (if you haven’t already), here’s a list of the posts for the whole month of November.

In order of November 1st to November 30th:

1. Happy November and NaBloPoMo!

2. How To Make a Diaper Cake

3. Remembering Last Christmas

4. Key Hook and Picture

5. Did you know…

6. Makeup by Victoria Tiffany

7. The Spice Of Life

8. Make Your Own Sushi Rolls: Start With Avocado

9. Would You Eat This Food After Reading The Note Attached To It?

10. The Best Lyric In Your Favorite Songs

11. Baked Salmon, Asparagus, and Mashed Sweet Potato Recipe

12. A Quick Tip For Procrastinators

13. Six Shelves a Sortin’

14. 5 Everyday Things To Try For Him

15. Parenthood Season 4 Episode 7 – Together

16. A Note To Followers

17. Hallmark Cards? Not Anymore!

18. New Addition to The Laundry Room

19. Super McTavish To The Rescue!

20. Please…Do The Right Thing

21. 100th Follower!

22. 5 Everyday Things To Try For Her

23. 5 Everyday Things To Try For [Winnie] (with input from Winnie at Winnie’s Inky Fingers)

24. Entering The Black Hole: Organizing the Junk Room

25. What Was #1 When You Were Born?

26. Which One, Which One?

27. Frenglish: Living a Bilingual Life

28. Entertainment or Just Plain Wrong?

29. The Girl Who Hates Clothes Shopping

30. [You’re reading it!]

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to read a post or two.  Feel free to come back anytime and leave a comment (good or bad) and if you aren’t following Good Morning, Joe and would like to, you can click on the follow button, or follow Good Morning, Joe on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Have a happy December, everyone!

Good Morning, Joe


7 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo: What I Have To Show For It

  1. I think I’m in the process of converting to two or three posts a week. It gives me more time to catch up with other bloggers and gives others more time to read my stuff.

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