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Entering The Black Hole: Organizing the Junk Room

The Black Hole…

Ever since I started sorting and organizing things in our house, I’ve noticed that we really don’t have a lot of storage area.  It could, in fact, be a blessing in disguise because it prevents us from holding onto “crap” for longer than we want.  But, for the moment when we’re still wondering what to do with certain things, it’s been a bit of a hassle than a blessing.

After redecorating the dining room, fixing up the laundry room, and cleaning out the closets I ended up throwing a lot of stuff into our spare room (which I refer to as the Black Hole).  Everything that went in there, never came out.  It never got touched, or moved, or put away.  Scary, I know.  I’d walk in there and think “Yikes!” and then close the door to the room and try to forget about it.

Enough is enough!

Yesterday, I had one of my “I’ve gotta clean….NOW!” moments.  I started to feel like there was too much clutter in the house, but most of it was resonating through that door and The Black Hole was calling to me.  So, I grabbed my trusty “Spur of The Moment Emergency Cleaning Kit“, a garbage bag, and a broom and headed straight towards it – and I wasn’t coming out until I was done!

First, I took everything out of the closet and organized it the best that I could with what I have.  A few storage bins can really go a long way.  I know, it isn’t the best organizing I’ve ever done, but you can walk in and find everything and that’s what matters.  Next, I threw out everything that we no longer needed and was taking up space for nothing.  A lot of boxes were just thrown in there, so I recycled those.  I put up the futon, swept up all the cat hair that had accumulated, mopped and put back the little tables that were originally in there.  Then, I hung up some frames that I had lying around for a while and put in little toys of when I was a kid.  Pretty cute, no? I think it looks a whole lot better…..what do you think?

I think it looks a million times better and to be honest it really took hardly any time at all.  It was well worth it!  The trick is to JUST DO IT!  Go in there, get your hands dirty, and finally get it done.

Do you have a “Black Hole” at your home?

See you tomorrow morning!

Good Morning, Joe

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