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Been thinking a lot about bad drivers ever since my car got hit…while I was parked. Here’s a great post on Driving Etiquette.


Good Morning, Joe


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Miss C

I do a lot of driving on a regular basis. On average, per day, I will drive anywhere from a minimum of 2 hours up to 6 hours. And this is just my daily commute due to the fact we moved a bit further away from everything central.

I have built a relatively calm approach to traffic. Since I deal with it regularly and on a daily basis I figured I may as well save my frustration for more useful situations.

HOWEVER! There are certain days where I am absolutely outraged at the lack of etiquette driving in certain cars, in many cars!

These are my thoughts…


It’s not even funny how close some drivers get their car to the bumper of your car in traffic. Buddy, no one is moving. We are all not getting anywhere whether your car is attached to mine at the…

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