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Please…Do The Right Thing

Not too long ago, somebody hit the side of my car with their own car.  I was pissed.  How could this happen?  It wasn’t as if my car was parked in an incredibly narrow street, or parked improperly or anything like that!  How does one continuously scratch the side of the car?  Don’t you know you’re hitting it while you’re driving?  Can’t you hear the grinding of metal against metal?  Don’t you worry about your own car?

I just don’t understand it.  Plus, the fact that you don’t even leave a note or anything.  This collision is considered an ACCIDENT!  Call it in!  Don’t leave the poor victim hanging and having to pay for the repairs on their own.  What happened to common courtesy?  What happened to doing the right thing!?

I understand that it’s not the end of the world, and yes it could have been a lot worse…but it doesn’t change the fact that someone out there did NOT do the right thing.  So please, to all of you out there….either learn how to drive properly or do the right thing.  It sucks to walk up to your car (and in my case a newly bought used car without a single mark on it) and see it all scratched and dented it.  Grow up, people and take some responsibility for your actions.


Have you ever been a victim of a “hit and run”?  Have you ever done “the right thing”?

See you tomorrow morning!

Good Morning, Joe


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6 thoughts on “Please…Do The Right Thing

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  2. Both sides of my car are all scratched up from people opening their doors and hitting my car. I hate it! You don’t need to open your door at full speed! Open it slowly if you’re parked closely to someone–is that too much to ask?!

    • For real! And if you park way too close to a car that you can’t get out without bumping the car, then try parking again…or in another place. People are real idiots sometimes… :-/

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