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New Addition to The Laundry Room

Not too long ago, I went out to buy a small “Vertical Stackable Organizer”.  Funny how they call a simple “bookshelf-like/shelves” something so intense.  But, hey, I won’t get into too many details about that.

Something that I’ve really been meaning to work on is our laundry room in the basement.  It wasn’t finished when we bought the house, so it’s really the only room in the whole house that is a “work in progress”.  Still, even though I know I can’t do anything about it right now, I still feel that itch to do something to make it look better.  At the moment, we were keeping all of the soap and dryer sheets on top of a storage box we put in the corner purposely to hold those things.  It wasn’t working for me, afterall.  So I went out and bought this:

I found it on sale at a Zeller’s that was soon closing.  40% off.  Pretty sweet if you ask me.  I was in such a rush to get home and set it up that…I forgot to check if everything was in it and/or in good condition.  Lemme tell you something.  If you’re buying something that you can not return, check it out before you buy it.  I learned that the hard way. A couple of corners ended up being chipped.  Oh, well.  I’ll survive, but it’s still on my mind whenever I see it.

So, I think the size is perfect for where it needed to go.  The soap dispenser is on top for now and I also added a little change container since I constantly have change in my pockets (the joys of working as a waitress).  While I was out I bought some Tide Pods because I really like the idea of a plastic container that you open, take a pod, and just throw it into the washing machine.  Works for me! Plus I find my clothes have never smelt better!

On another shelf, I put random cleaning cloths for anything we may need, plus a plastic measuring cup that I fill with water if I need to refill the iron.  Very practical.  Then, at the bottom, I have a small bottle of bleach for my white shirts for work.  I’m so happy that everything fit perfectly!  Now, everything is in place and ready to go for when it comes time for the “joys” of doing laundry.

Deep down I know the laundry room still needs to be redone, but I take a lot of comfort in knowing that little things make me feel better for the time being.  One day, I know it will happen!

Are there any rooms in your house that you’ve been waiting to renovate?

See you tomorrow morning!

Good Morning, Joe

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