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Hallmark Cards? Not Anymore!

I have discovered that I love being creative.  I guess, in a way, this is kind of old news and I really should have noticed this a long time ago.  The thing is, I was more creative when it came to music and songwriting more than anything else.  Chords and melodies came easy to me and it was my escape for a very long time when I needed to get all my thoughts out.

Where has all the creativity gone in gift giving?

Nowadays, it’s been more about blogging and writing to get my creative juices going.  I love waking up and wondering what today’s topic will be.  Today, however, as I was out to buy a card for my friend’s daughter’s first birthday I realized that the cards just didn’t make any sense.  Too many princesses and baby-ish decorations.  I came to my senses and discovered that what I love most of all about cards is when there is something special and meaningful to it.  A wonderful little note written inside can bring me to keep a card forever.  So, I wanted to make one myself and make it more personal.  I love this little girl and it doesn’t take very long to go that extra step and do a little something different.  Yes, I know she is only one year old and surely won’t remember any of it, but I think everyone deserves a little something special in life.  Why not start her off on the right foot!

Why don’t people try to personalize gifts a bit more?

Kaitlyn’s Homemade Birthday Card

I know, I know…a gift card isn’t a personal gift, but I was informed that she really needed clothes and I know for sure it would be useful and that her mother could buy her clothes that she needs and will fit.  The xylophone, yes, a noisy toy.  But, I loved that when I was a kid and she just loves music so I’m hoping it may keep that music in her.

Do you make your own cards and/or gifts?

See you tomorrow morning!

Good Morning, Joe


12 thoughts on “Hallmark Cards? Not Anymore!

  1. Lovely card, Marie. I often make homemade cards . . . with watercolors, or markers, or stamps . . . and add homemade sayings. Much more satisfying than buying a card at Hallmark.

    • Thanks! I’ve been wanting to get stamps actually, but they seem to be a lot more expensive than they should be….Know any kind of place that would have them for cheap?

  2. What a cute card. Nice job. I’m not very good at making things, or maybe I should say I don’t enjoy it as much as I did years ago. I had a couple of children’s books on making pop-up cards, and the cards I made were a hit when I gave them to children in the family.

  3. Your card turned out really cute! The Hallmark card is just a status symbol for me. Hahahahahaha. I’m so weird about this when I get people a card I put the back part that says “Hallmark” facing the side that they open so they KNOW it’s legit. Everyone around me knows this about me now, and if for any reason they get me a card that isn’t Hallmark they give me this little disclaimer before I open it. It’s really not that big of a deal. …Except that it is.

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