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Parenthood Season 4 Episode 7 – Together

Parenthood Season 4

Parenthood Season 4 Episode 7 – Together

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Adam and Kristina scramble to prepare for the next steps following the surgery.  Meanwhile, Amber and Ryan take their relationship to the next level and Julia feels that Victor needs a friend.  Drew tries to reconnect with his ex-girlfriend, Amy.

The Episode

The episode starts as Amber drives Drew to deliver a “Get Well Soon” basket for his ex-girlfriend, Amy, who has been away from school for a few days with a cold.  Amber advises against it, saying it’s a bad idea, but he leaves the basket on her front porch anyways.  Meanwhile, at Adam and Kristina’s house, everything is chaotic as they try to adjust to life after Kristina’s surgery.  Not being able to lift a finger, the responsibility of household chores are now distributed between family members.  Julia picks up Victor from baseball practice and wonders why the other boys who are getting together don’t invite him to hang out with them after practice.  Amber and Ryan go out to play mini putt and things get a little “hot and heavy” when he tries to teach her the proper way to play, which leads to them heading back to Amber’s apartment.

The next morning

Adam drives to see his mother (Camille) to double check that she knows what taking care of Kristina entitles.  No driving, no sugar, no picking up baby Nora, etc.  He makes sure she understands and tells him “It’s gonna be okay” before he finally leaves.  Meanwhile, we see Amber and Ryan in bed when suddenly their is a knock on the door.  Amber tells Ryan that she forgot she had to go out for breakfast with her mother (Sarah) and answers the door to take a rain check on breakfast.  Sarah drills Amber for details, and finds out she’s seeing Zeek’s friend, to which Amber replies “I really like him.  Really.”

At the Luncheonette, Adam walks in to a hell of a mess left behind by the previous band that was there to record.  Crosby is pretty easy going about it, assuring Adam that he’ll clean it up, but the fact that Amber is late (on top of the mess) throws Adam into a rage.  Crosby promises to take care of it.  Back at home, Camille tries her best to help Kristina with anything she may need.

Julia worries that the kids may not have invited Victor along because he’s Latino, so her and Joel tell Victor he can invite friends over any time he wants.  His eyes light up and says he wants to invite his friend Miguel over.  “Who’s Miguel”, they ask and find out it’s a friend from his old neighborhood, where he lived before he was adopted.  As Victor leaves the room, Julia asks Joel “Can we do that?”

Ryan and Zeek go out for a cup of coffee and lunch since Zeek is trying to help him find a job.  Ryan starts to open up to him about what the tried to do for the people in Afghanistan and the troubles that arose from it.

The problems

To Kristina’s frustration, Camille starts moving things around the house.  Her heart is in a good place, wanting things to be more accessible to Kristina, but it’s making Kristina feel useless in the process.  Not only is she changing things, but she lets neighbors into the house without asking if Kristina is alright.  She ends up spending the next 2 and a half hours entertaining them and comforting them.

Julia speaks to the social worker, who informs her that it’s not a good idea to invite Miguel over.  They explain that Victor needs to learn to develop new friendships.  Julia decides that the best idea is for Victor to have a friend, and goes along with her plans anyways thinking that Victor needs, more than anything, a friend.

Sarah goes over to see Zeek at his job and asks if Ryan is around so she can get to know him since he’s dating Amber.  Zeek is surprised by this, especially since Ryan mentioned nothing about it over lunch.  Meanwhile, Kristina finds a moment to call Adam and explain to him how Camille is driving her crazy.  She feels like a prisoner in her own home and doesn’t like being taken care of.  She wishes things were back to normal.

Since he was unable to see Amy when Amber drove him, he bikes over to her house to see how she’s doing.  Amy thanks him for the basket, but their conversation is interrupted by Amy’s new boyfriend, Jake, which creates an awkward situation for everyone.

The middle

Meanwhile, Julia and Joel drive to Victor’s old neighborhood.  The look around at all the garbage and broken down houses as they drive to Miguel’s home to pick him up.  Sarah goes to see Zeek at home to ask more about Ryan.  She feels like something is off and thinks that Zeek is avoiding telling her something about Ryan.  He explains that Ryan just got back from Afghanistan and it will take a while for him to get some balance back in his life.  He’s also worried that Amber may get hurt in his healing process, but reassures Sarah that Ryan’s a good kid.

As Victor and Miguel play basketball in the yard, Julia watches at how easily Victor has opened up.  He’s speaking fluently in Spanish with a big smile on his face, having the time of his life.  She’s overwhelmed by the happiness she sees in him.  At the same time, Kristina talks to her own mother over the phone, wondering why she can’t come to help her out through this difficult time.  Her mother comes up with excuses and rushes to get off the phone, hurting Kristina more than she realizes.  Camille watches and Kristina hangs up and ends up giving Kristina the keys to the car to pick up Max from school, even though Adam strictly informed her that Kristina should not be driving under any circumstances.

At school, Amy approaches Drew and apologizes for the awkwardness back at her house and for having to meet her new boyfriend.  He gets frustrated with her behavior and storms off.  Max is surprised when Kristina shows up to pick him up from school and he tells her that she shouldn’t be driving…or eating the ice cream cone she’s munching on.  Kristina bribes him with a treat, telling him “You did not see me driving.”  To keep his lips sealed, she takes him to the arcade to have a bit of fun and unwind.

Julia tells Joel about how the play date with Miguel went extremely well and admits that she wishes they were the ones who could make him happy like that.  She wants him to be himself and happy all the time.  Meanwhile, late at the Luncheonette, Adam works overtime to balance the books.  Crosby walks in, takes one good look at him, and forces him to consider going out for a drink.  “Do I really look that bad?” Adam asks.  Crosby offers to pay and that’s all that it takes to get Adam out and into that bar.  While there, Adam confides in Crosby, explaining how Kristina has been feeling.  Once again, Adam’s frustration flares up as a guy next to him keeps bumping his arm.  They change seats and Adam tells Crosby that he’s just so afraid for her to start her treatment tomorrow.  “It’s scary.”

The end

Amber wakes in the middle of the night to see Ryan sitting by the window, unable to sleep.  As she goes back to bed, she watches him; worried.  Adam has his mother come over to take care of the kids while he takes Kristina to get her first round of treatment.  Camille approaches Kristina in the kitchen and hands her a sweater to wear that’s been passed on from patient to patient.  Kristina is brought to tears by Camille’s thoughtfulness and they have a wonderful heart to heart.  “I’d do anything for you, Kristina” Camille tells her.

Back at Drew’s apartment, Amy goes to see him and asks to come inside.  He lets her in and Drew apologizes for freaking out on her.  She insists that she really wants to be friends and is sorry to hear about his aunt (Kristina).  She holds his hand as he explains what happened with Kristina and it seems as though they never broke up.

Next, we see Julia with a learning CD on how to speak Spanish.  Victor watches her and smiles as she tries to pronounce the words.  Then, we see Amber noticing Ryan taking medication to help him through his hard times after coming back from Afghanistan and we see Adam hold Kristina’s hand as they start the treatment.  He helps her by draping the special sweater over her.

What did you think about the episode?  Where do you think the season is heading?

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Good Morning, Joe

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