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A Quick Tip For Procrastinators

Hello Everyone!



You try to turn it off….and you just can’t! I know! It’s just soooo hard to do.  Especially if you have a thousand things to get done and you have no desire to get around to actually doing it.

This is a quick idea that my friend had for people who procrastinate.  Anything that you want to accomplish or get done:  put it in front of the TV, blocking your view!

If you leave clothes in the dryer to fold later, if you have bills you need to pay that are sitting on a desk, if you have a junk drawer that needs sorting….find a way to tape it or stack it up in front of your TV.  If it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind and things can accidentally be forgotten about that way.

Better yet, if you’re constantly on your computer, put things there.  Put it anywhere you can see it and it’s IN YOUR WAY!  Leave it in the middle of the floor, making you have to step over it to get across the room.  It will be such a pain, you’ll want to get it done!

Try it!

Instead of having the TV as your own worst enemy, stopping you from doing all the things you need to get done, turn it into your new best friend.  Stack things in front so you are constantly SEEING what you need to do.  You can even watch your favorite show while you get to it.  That’s a great way to go about it if you can’t seem to stop watching your favorite TV shows.

Hope this helps.

See you tomorrow morning!

Good Morning, Joe

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6 thoughts on “A Quick Tip For Procrastinators

  1. This is rock solid advice. I find that if you put the TV in front of things you don’t want to do, you absolutely won’t. It’s sort of a reverse take on what you’e talking about… I’m not sure when that will come in handy but it totally works.

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