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Makeup by Victoria Tiffany

Hello, GoMoJo Followers!

I just wanted to let you know that I added a new page in the menu of my blog.  The BEAUTY section is now there, featuring my good friend Victoria Tiffany.  Please feel free to click on the links provided in this post (or the ones in the new page) to visit Victoria Tiffany’s blog!

Makeup by Victoria Tiffany

If you’re looking for some tips, ideas, and thoughts about beauty, then you should definitely check out   Read up on different topics such as makeup reviews, tips on how wear that make up, tricks and so much more!

Normally, I feel intimidated by websites that promote beauty and makeup.  I find that the bright colors and fany fonts  may make you feel like maybe you don’t try hard enough, or if you don’t look a certain way then you’re not “beautiful”.  I feel the pressure building up, self-doubt starts to rear its ugly head, and I head straight for the hills and never look back.

But, with I feel an amazing sense of welcome and respect.   The author, Victoria Tiffany, writes as if she were writing to a friend and never sways from speaking from the heart.  As well as encouraging you to be comfortable with yourself, she is comfortable enough in her own shoes to show you parts of her life through her blogging by incorporating pictures of herself, her friends…and her family.

Before I leave you to check out the pictures below and the many posts at , I’d like to leave you with her incredible tagline:

“Remember, you’re beautiful!” – Victoria Tiffany


About Victoria Tiffany

My Photo

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
I am an artist, passionate about the beauty found in the faces of the people all around me. I started very young by drawing portraits, and then I moved on to painting. I then discovered photography and makeup as a new outlet for my passion. There is beauty in everything and everyone. I love to share my tips, ideas and thoughts on the things I’ve tried in my pursuits in beauty.

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(Photographs from


See you tomorrow morning!

Good Morning, Joe


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