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Key Hook and Picture

I’m already hooked!

This is an idea that I had a while back.  My boyfriend and I were constantly running around like chickens without a head, looking everywhere for our keys.  Sometime’s they’d be so well hidden under a single sheet of paper that it would take us 10 minutes before finding them.  I know, 10 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you’re rushing out the door to get to work on time 10 minutes feels like an eternity.  I was literally almost in tears once because of it (being overly sensitive at times can do that do you).

So, presenting the good old fashioned key hook!  Brought to you by Deco Decouvert.  I think that store is the equivalent to Bed Bath and Beyond, only the “Canadian version”.  Maybe even “Quebec version”.  Anyway, that store is amazing for all sorts of gadgets and gizmos you may need (or want) around the house.

These key hooks I found are, yes, simple…but extraordinarily helpful.  Top it off with a picture above it and it looks a helluva lot better.  I even found a picture of my boyfriend and I “driving” a golf cart.  We look pretty snazzy I have to say.  Every time I reach for my keys, I’m greeted by a happy moment and reminded that life is good.

Do you ever come up with decorating ideas all on your own?  Are you proud of your ideas?  What are some of your ideas you would be happy to share with others?

See you tomorrow morning!

Good Morning, Joe


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12 thoughts on “Key Hook and Picture

  1. Your keyholder and picture look great. We don’t have a good place to put one, so we tend to do the “rush around looking for keys” thing. Things are pretty simple here, but the most recent decorating I did was to print a photo from a WordPress photographer (with his permission), mat and frame it, and hang it over my desk. It looks great.

  2. Keys, purses and shoes have always been hiding from me. This is a simple idea but makes such a wonderful impact on your life. Love the photo and the way you made this decorative.

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