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Remembering Last Christmas

Don’t forget the mistletoe!

Christmas 2011 Piano and Christmas Tree

I know I said that we didn’t have to worry about Christmas for another month, but I thought it would be nice to at least give it a tiny bit of thought.

Last year it was our first Christmas at our new home.  We bought our first Christmas tree, bought new ornaments, wrapped presents, and put them under the tree.  It was nice to do, even though it’s only the two of us at home.  Luckily for our Christmas decorations, our cat McTavish didn’t destroy the wrapping paper, nor did he try to knock the ornaments off of the tree.

This year, we’ll probably have the same set up.  We did buy a big screen TV a couple of months ago, which we said would be our Christmas gift to us this year, but I’m thinking a few little presents are well deserved as well.

I am dreading, however, the constant playing of Christmas songs at my work.  Definitely NOT something to look forward to.  There’s this incredibly stressful Jingle Bells song that plays. It’s by Barbara Streisand (gag!). If you’ve heard this version before, I’m sure you hate it as much as I do. It makes me want to throw the radio out into the street and drive over it with my car (I don’t really have anger management problems- I swear!)  I dare you to listen to it.

Sitting here, writing this post…I just remembered something.  As I look up, I laugh.  The mistletoe is still hanging from the lamp above the island in our kitchen.  One less thing to put up this year!

Do you have any plans yet for Christmas?

See you tomorrow morning!

Good Morning, Joe


5 thoughts on “Remembering Last Christmas

    • Thanks Katie! They need to be redone eventually because of all the scratches from the previous owners dog (they’re little) and from our cat McTavish. He never uses his claws on anyone or anything…except when we’re playing and he runs away from me, leaving scratches on the floor. But for now, it doesn’t show that much!

  1. Your house is adorable! I love that you have an upright piano. :-) As for Christmas plans…none yet. Can’t wait till after Thanksgiving, though, so that I can start playing my Christmas music. Love my Amy Grant albums along with Ella Fitzgerald, Elvis & Glee… :-)

  2. I love decorating for Christmas, but since I got my last cat, I cannot have a tree, even a fake one. She loves to climb the tree and topple it over. For now, I have a little bush like thing with lights and decorations… LOL. Love your piano also.. I had one like it but my hubby made me get rid of it, so I took as much wood off as I can and plan to make some cute little console or coffee tables using the shabby chic paint/design. Oh, thanks for stopping by my blog, sorry I let a political rant out again. I do appreciate your time. Hopefully these will stop by next week… :D

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