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How To Make a Diaper Cake

Thinking of a gift to bring to a baby shower?  Unsure of what to buy?  Want to bring something different for a change?  Why not try making a Diaper Cake!

Here are the steps you’ll need to take in making your very first Diaper Cake:

1. First off, what you’ll need:

  • 60 diapers (depending also on how big you want to make it). I say it’s better to have too many than to not have enough(the left overs you can give to the mother-to-be as a gift). I used Parent’s Choice diapers because a friend of mine had some from when her daughter was born.  They were the smallest size possible, which I found very easy to work with.  I based the color scheme on the design of the diapers.
  • 30 to 60 small elastics.  The lighter in color the better.  You’ll be using them to wrap around a wrapped up diaper.
  • Ribbon.  1 inch wide to tie around each tier.
  • 3-6 large rubber bands.  Used to wrap around all the diapers in one tier.
  • A cake platter.  Plastic or cardboard will do.  I chose one that I thought looked nice with the theme. You’ll be using it upside down, so make sure the bottom of it looks nice.
  • Diaper Cake decorations.  (ribbon, baby bottles, small pacifiers, teddy bear, toys, etc).

2.  Roll up diapers

To start, roll up all the diapers (from bottom to top) that you’ll need to build your Diaper Cake and tie them with a small elastic.  You want to be sure that it is rolled so that the tops and bottoms are relatively flat and tied so that the elastic is in the center of the diaper.  Also, make sure that they are rolled tightly.  You may want to start with 20 or so diapers, just to see how it’s going.

Note: if the elastics are not right in the center of the diaper, you make have a problem hiding them later on (see step 6 to understand why this is important).

3. Making the first (top) layer.

Take one rolled up diaper and use this as the center of the layer.  I’ve noticed that some people use a baby bottle or a bottle of lotion, but I find that since the diaper is round and the same size of the other diapers, it makes it easier to have a diaper as the center.  That way all the layers are flat.

Next, with the diaper standing up, add 7 rolled up diapers around it to form a circle and tie all together with a large elastic band.  If you’re having trouble keeping all the diapers together, use a few of the small rubber bands to tie a few together.  It might make it easier.

4. Making the second (middle) layer.

Repeat step number 3 and add diapers around the circle to create a wider layer.  This way you will have two rings of diapers around the center diaper.

5. Making the third (bottom) layer.

Repeat step number 4 and add diapers around the circle to create a wider layer.  This way you will have three rings of diapers around the center diaper.  If you find that you need less or more diapers or that there is not enough of a difference between layers, add more diapers to make it the size that you would like for your diaper cake.

6. Tie ribbon around the layers.

Now, as you can see, right in the middle of the layer you can see all the elastics.  Not a pretty sight, right?  Take the 1 inch ribbon and wrap in around the layer, making sure to cover the elastics.  If some of the elastics are not perfectly in the center of the diaper, you may have to adjust them.  That’s why it is important to roll them properly at the beginning.  Using clear tape, tape the start of the piece of ribbon in place in the center of the layer (you will be using this side as the back of the cake from now on, so choose the spot wisely) and wrap the ribbon around, taping the end at the same spot as where you tied the start of the ribbon.  Repeat the same process with the other layers.

Note: Be sure to tape the ribbon tight enough that it won’t slip to the bottom of the layer.  Also, if you tape it just right, you’ll be able to adjust it to the height you need to make sure it covers all of the elastics.

7. Placing the layers.

Now that everything is wrapped nicely and bundled up, take the cake platter (upside down) and place the bottom layer on the cake platter, place the middle layer on the bottom layer, and top layer on the middle layer.  Voila! The layers are finished and now you can start the fun part!

8. Decorating the cake.

I found a teddy (well, a hippopotamus teddy) that was small enough to fit on the top of the cake.  Lucky for me, he sat on the cake without having to tie it down any way.  I would suggest looking into that as the main theme of your cake.  It makes it a lot easier.  Next, I went to our local dollar store (where they have all sorts of things for parties and events) and got a bunch of little baby rattles and pacifiers to decorate the cake with.  I tied them to the cake with small ribbons.  I also got tiny baby bottles and found the word “BABY” in cardboard letters.  I really found that decoration the cake platter that was seen around the cake to be a lot of fun.  I purchased these tacks that had little ducks on them and tacked it onto the cake platter (they only tacked in because I turned the cake platter upside down to put the cake on).

The important thing is to use little things to decorate it, find a theme, and have fun!

Note: Be very careful transporting it and I think it would be a lovely idea to offer to help the mother-to-be to unwrap all the diapers (it may take some time).

Good luck!  Here are some pictures of how my own diaper cake turned out.

Good Morning, Joe


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