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10 Step Easy-to-Make Ouija Board

I feel the spirit’s presence…

For those of you unfamiliar with a Ouija board, it is also known as a “talking board” or “spirit board”.  It’s used to communicate with spirits during a seance.   The board has “Yes”, “No”, and “Goodbye” written on it, as well as the letters A through Z and the numbers zero through nine.  Some are decorated with symbols, others have added words (ex: Hello), some boards are made out of wood, and some are paper.

First, you may want to learn how to use a Ouija board and if you’re interested in trying it out at your Halloween party (or any other time of the year), here is a great place to start!  Take a look at this 10 Step Easy To Make Ouija Board.

How to Make Your Own Ouija Board


See you tomorrow morning!

Good Morning, Joe


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10 thoughts on “10 Step Easy-to-Make Ouija Board

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  3. I have always feared an Ouija board. I was raised to stay away from things like this. People around me told me stories about how the spirits got angry, refused to leave and possessed people using the board.
    The Ouija board you made was kinda cute, especially compared to the Chinese version. It was basically a big square paper full of Chinese characters. A small ceramic teacup was put upside down in the middle. The people who use it put the right pointy fingers on the cup. Then they moved it in small circles, clockwise, while chanting something to summon a spirit.
    When the spirit came and took control of the cup, it will move by itself. The users will will their fingers sucked into the center of the cup strongly. They have to brace themselves, the fingers should not be removed until the spirit is dismissed, or it will be unleashed from the cup and run-amok.

    • Sounds pretty scary actually. My friends and I used to have fun with this when we were younger. Nothing ever really happened though, except for certain people moving it on purpose.

      • I once saw a wooden Ouija board in the pilot episode of “Charmed”. I asked a friend if we should get one, just to see if it was as scary as what our parents said.
        She told her mother about my idea. Her mom came to me and asked me to stop having such crazy and dangerous idea. I guess I must have grown-up in a superstitious community.

        • Dangerous…hmmm. I’ve never really had any bad experiences with anything having to do with spirits or ghosts. I’ve watched scary movies, but they don’t really get to me too much. I guess it depends on what you believe and what type of person you are.

          • I agree. As I grow up, I learned to be more open minded about hings. I even learned how to read Tarot Cards.
            I just have to admit that Ouija board still gives me “the chill” :D
            Maybe I should make one, and see if I can overcome it.

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