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Parenthood Season 4 Episode 6 – I’ll Be Right Here

Parenthood Season 4

Parenthood Season 4 Episode 6 – I’ll Be Right Here

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The Braverman family bands together to help Kristina and Adam with anything they may need before (and during) Kristina’s surgery.  Meanwhile, Max prepares for the election, Ryan asks Amber out on a date, and Sarah and Drew adjust to their new living arrangements.

The Episode

The episode begins with Kristina and Adam preparing breakfast.  Haddie offers to help with anything they may need, even suggesting taking a semester off of school.  Max is told that his grandparents will be picking him up from school on Wednesday (the day of the surgery) and he reminds them that he’ll need to be picked up later than usual because, to his parent’s surprise, that is the day of the elections.  Later on at the Luncheonette, Crosby offers to help Adam, even tries to give him a massage, and instead settles for picking up Kristina’s favorite takeout for the night before the surgery and taking care of walking Otis (the family dog).  Meanwhile, it’s moving day for Sarah and Drew who are off to live with  Mark.  To say that Drew is less than thrilled is an understatement.  Hank unexpectedly shows up during the move, worried that Sarah took a sick day because of the “regrettable thing” he did.  He asks her not to quit and Sarah explains that she’s not quitting, she’s just moving.  Hank ends up helping her move in the process.

The day before the surgery

Meanwhile at the Luncheonette, Ryan unexpectedly stops by to see Amber and asks “Would you go out with me sometimes?”, to which Amber happily agrees.  Kristina approaches Max about the speech he’ll be giving the next day and asks if he has it written down so she can help him with it.  To her horror (because we all know Kristina loves to be organized and prepared), Max explains that he hasn’t written a single thing down because he’s memorized it.  Sarah and Drew are all moved into Mark’s.  The situation is awkward when Drew only wants to leave as soon as they unpack.  As he storms out of the apartment, Sarah runs after him to apologize for the new living arrangements.  She’s concerned that he doesn’t like Mark, but Drew explains that he’s upset that she never even took him into consideration when deciding to move in with Mark.

Julia takes charge of organizing the shifts each family member will be taking to help Kristina.  Meanwhile, Crosby takes Otis to the dog park while Julia tries to “schedule him in” for his shift.  As they talk, Otis comes off the leash, runs towards a much bigger dog and — all we hear is barking and a yelp as Crosby runs after him.  Meanwhile, Drew tries to watch TV in the new apartment and Mark explains he doesn’t have cable, making the situation a little worse.  Mark attempts to better Drew’s living arrangements by offering to do what he can to make him more comfortable.

As Kristina sets the table for her last meal before the surgery, Adam informs her that an incident happened with Otis and that Crosby will be a bit late bringing her favorite takeout.  Kristina approaches Adam about how Max is incredibly unprepared for his speech.  She suggests that Adam, while Kristina is in surgery, quickly heads over to the school to watch Max give his speech.  Adam says he can’t leave the hospital and Haddie offers to go instead.

In the meantime, Ryan and Amber’s date is off to a good start, but when conversation starts about family members, bringing Amber to tears when mentioning Kristina, suddenly the mood changes.  Embarrassed for crying and wearing her heart out on her sleeve, she tells Ryan that she understands if the date wasn’t what he thought it would be.  Things turn around when he says “I would love to buy you a burrito and talk some more about your aunt”and suddenly the date is back on track.  When Ryan brings Amber back to her loft, she’s surprised when turns down her offer to “come in” and is even more surprised that he ended the date with a handshake, not a kiss.

Meanwhile, Adam and the family wait impatiently at a beautifully set dinner table for Crosby to arrive with the food.  Since the time is nearing where Kristina is no longer able to eat, she leaves the table to make herself a sandwich.  In mid-sandwich making, Crosby arrives with Otis and the food, causing a panic when Max notices that Otis is hurt.  Crosby feels terrible, and hugs Kristina goodbye saying “Do a good job tomorrow”.

Later, we see Kristina tucking in Nora for the night.  Next, she sneaks into Max’s room as he sleeps and posts a note on his schoolbag saying “You’re going to do great today.  I love you.”  She approaches Haddie after she gets off the phone with the dean at her school, saying that they talked about it and she’s not taking time off school.  After some arguing, they decided to discuss it after the surgery and Kristina tells Haddie what she needs her to help Max with for the next day.  Tears start to flow as she explains, feeling the nerves of going to the hospital and guilt for not being able to be there for Max.  Adam takes Kristina to the hospital for her surgery.

The day of the surgery

The next morning at the studio, Hank and Sarah make small talk about the move.  Hank hopes that the move had nothing to do about the “regrettable thing” he did and Sarah reassures him that it had nothing to do with it.  Meanwhile, Mark installs cable at the apartment in attempt to make Drew feel more comfortable.

At the hospital, Adam and Kristina wait nervously for the surgery time.  As they wait, they discuss the fact that Haddie should not take anytime off school and should go back as soon as possible, no questions asked.   As Kristina wonders how Max is doing, a nurse enters the room and informs the couple that it’s time for Kristina’s surgery.  The nurse gives them 2 minutes and Adam says ” I guess this is it.”  They exchange I love you’s and Adam watches as the roll Kristina out of the room and into surgery.

As they wait while Kristina is in surgery, Adam and Julia keep glancing at their watches every 2 minutes.  Julia offers to get Adam tea and he laughs, wondering why everyone keeps offering him tea.  Adam apologizes for not being there for her through her decision to be a stay-at-home mom.  Meanwhile, the kids at Max’s school gather in the auditorium for the speeches of the candidates running for Student Council President.  Haddie gives him a few pointers offstage on what to say and what to do in case he gets nervous.

Back at the hospital, Adam becomes increasingly more impatient.  Sarah offers him tea, which once again baffles Adam(“Why does everybody keep asking me if I want tea?).  Adam begs Sarah to talk about something, anything to help get his mind off waiting for Kristina to get out of surgery.  She tells him about Hank and the “regrettable thing” he did.  She confides in him and it did have something to do with her moving up the “moving in with Mark” date.  Adam suggests that she do what feels good because “life is short”.  Julia and Crosby join them then, saying that they couldn’t leave the hospital and want to stay to be there for him and Kristina.  Crosby offers to get Adam some tea.

Later on at the auditorium, it’s time for Max to make his speech.  Kids start to whisper and laugh as Max adjusts the microphone, but quiets down as Max explains that if elected, he will bring back the vending machines at school.  Suddenly unsure of what to say next, he looks to Haddie for support as she gives him two thumbs up.  He proceeds to inform his fellow students about having Aspergers and continues to explain how he’s the best candidate for Student Council President.  The reaction from the crowd after his speech may shoke you.  Haddie was certainly surprised.

After the surgery

Without giving away too much of the ending, Kristina awake after surgery to see Adam sitting by her bedside.  She asks how it went, Max’s speech, and Adam tells her what happened.  At the same time, Sarah approaches Drew, confessing that she didn’t think about him as much as she should have when it came to moving in with Mark.  She apologizes, explaining that if he wants, he can move back in with his grandparents.  Amber hears a knock on her door and is surprised to see Ryan in the doorway with a bouquet of flowers.  She admits to him that she’s confused with his behavior and how he feels about her.  He confesses that he really likes her and would prefer to take it slow.  Crosby asks Jabbar to show him how to pray for Kristina and Adam.

Kristina and Adam meet with Dr. Bledsoe in his office to find out the results of the surgery.  He informs them that they have some concerns, which throws Kristina and Adam into a whirlwind of confusion and worry.  The unexpected results bring Adam and Kristina to an even more unexpected decision when Haddie asks about the results of the surgery.

What did you think about the episode?  Where do you think the season is heading?

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Good Morning, Joe

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