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Have a Haunted Halloween Dinner Party

You’re Invited!

Too old to go trick-or-treating and no kids to roam the neighborhood with?  Why not throw a good old fashion costume party!  Make it interesting and choose a theme or invite people to make their own costumes (there should be a prize for best costume, of course).  Looking for some help with the planning?  Here are a few things to remember.

1.  Planning the party.  First off, there are so many different ways to plan a Halloween party.  Themed or no theme.  Are there any rules or restrictions (ex: scary only, strictly masked party, costumes only in black and red, etc)?  Is it a party for couples who must dress as famous (or infamous) couples throughout history? Do you want the party to be elegant?  There are different routes you can take, so judge your guests well and see what will be a hit.  Or, simply keep it open to anything and let your guests wear whatever they choose.

Check out online invitations at

Check out online invitations at

2.  Inviting guests.  Make a list of everyone you wish to invite.  You can send out  handmade invitations or even create an event on Facebook.  A great way to do this as well is to send online invitations through evite.  Evite invitations are free to send (and receive) and easy to use.  Their online invitations for Halloween look great this year and I highly recommend using them.  It will definitely seem more special to the guests you are inviting.  Don’t forget to include the theme (if there is one).

3. Decorations.  Of course, if you have a theme, you’ll need to pick colors that really represent the Halloween spirit.  Black, orange,  and red are really the colors to stick with, but a dash of silver and white can really do something spectacular.  Here are are a few ideas of different possibilities of decor and table settings.

Be creative when it comes to decorations, but stay within your budget.  You can get a lot of good stuff at your local Dollar Store and can create something really beautiful if you know how to do it.  Candles are a great way to go if you want a darker theme.  You can also get electric candles if you’re afraid real candles may be a fire hazard to flowing capes and long wigs.

4. Food.  Looking for some Halloween themed food? has a great idea for an appetizer.  Try out their Steak Through the Heart Bites Recipe.  Or, for more ideas, Martha Stewart has some great suggestions from Bedeviled Eggs to Pickled Brain.

HGTV – 13 To-Die-For Halloween Cocktails

5. Drinks.  You may want to try a few of these cocktails before serving them to your guests (to be sure that they are delicious-of course). has quite a few suggestions for Haunting Halloween Cocktail Recipes that could really spruce up your party such as a bloody-tini and a Devil’s Handshake. also has some Spooktacular Drink Recipes with a list of 13 Halloween Cocktails and Drinks such as the Voodoo Child and The Midnight Mary.  You can also stick to classics such as Bloody Mary, Bloody Caesar, and a Zombie.

6. Games.  Depending on your guests, it could be fun to play a few Halloween themed Drinking Games.  Punchbowl has a few ideas (as well as for non-drinking games).  You can also search for a Murder Mystery game or host one on your own (but that takes a lot of planning).  You can play Clue, try a seance, take out an old Ouija board, or even put on a Classic Halloween Movie and every time someone screams you take a shot!  Ask your guests if they have any ideas and choose a few of the best ones.  Your guests may not even want to play games all night, so keep in mind that a meaningful conversation can go a long way.

Have fun with your dinner party.  Don’t be shy to ask a friend for help decorating or for your guests to BYOB.  You may even want to suggests a potluck where everyone brings a Halloween Theme finger-food platter.  Be creative and enjoy the time well spent with the people you care about.

Happy Halloween!

Good Morning, Joe

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