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Classic Halloween Movies

Don’t turn out the lights!

Looking for some scary movies to watch as Halloween approaches?  Make sure you have a hand to hold and that all the doors are locked because these films will really give you a reason to check under your bed before going to sleep at night!  My friends and I used to watch these when we wanted a good scare – and a few laughs!

Happy Halloween!

Good Morning, Joe

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13 thoughts on “Classic Halloween Movies

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  2. My two personal favorites are Scream and Silence of the Lambs. I also have a soft spot for From Dusk Till Dawn, but it didn’t make your list. Between George Clooney’s badass neck tattoo and Salma Hayek’s snake dance and Cheech’s “Pussy” routine it had that perfect blend of sexy, funny and scary. I’m also a big fan of The Lost Boys…Jason Patric…yum!

  3. I have watched some of them, gonna try to find the others on the DVD stores. Can’t wait to watch them on Halloween… or any Thursday night. (Some of us who live in Indonesian believe that Thursday night is the time when the spirits wander around :D )

      • I do not know for sure. It had been that way even before Indonesian people were introduced to their first religion, which was Hinduism.
        Even in these modern days, parents warn their children to spent the evening indoors unless it’s necessary to go out of the house.
        Spiritual and magical practices are still mostly done on Thursday night, one ofthe most common one is the weekly gift offering to the so-called “Guardians of the Land”.

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  5. I’m actually a fan of horror films even though they do tend to keep me awake at night. :-D On your list, I personally think “The Blair Witch Project” is the scariest.

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