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Grocery Store Gripes

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Sass & balderdash

Sass & Balderdash

When we find our refrigerators suddenly barren, we all have to take our lives into our hands and brave the grocery store parking lot, deal with infants pooping in their diaper where your produce will soon be, and spend 15 years of your life waiting in line at the checkout. Every time I go grocery shopping, I experience things that make it feel like the first time… only it more often induces rage than nostalgia.

The Cart Caravan
The same highway driving rules apply to cart driving in the grocery store: yield coming out of the aisle, pedestrians have the right of way, and double parking makes you a selfish human being who wants to watch the world decay around you. Some people take the cart driving a little too seriously. I’m glad you’re able to turn your cart on a dime to parallel park next to the Captain Crunch…that I was…

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