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What’s For Dinner, Honey?

Chopped VeggiesDon’t want the hassle of rushing to make your reservation?  Tired of crying babies at the table next to you or fed up of overpaying for bottles of wine you can get at the store for at least half the price?

Instead of heading out to a beautiful restaurant, why not bring the restaurant to you?  Go out to your local grocery store with your significant other and buy something to make a delicious meal with.  For instance, buy two steaks and a nice bottle of wine that you’ll both enjoy!  Really make a date night out of it and cook it together at home.

My boyfriend and I are getting used to cooking together and have a great time learning new recipes and reinventing the ones we love.  (see pictures of our steak dinner below)

Why cook together?

“The main benefit that comes with cooking together is strengthening your bond. If you find that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to spend together then cooking dinner for your family – or making a romantic meal together — could be a great idea. You spend time together, talk to each other and even have fun while you are cooking. Ideally, you should aim to cook together at least once per week.” -DinnerTool

DinnerTool has a few Tips For Cooking Together as well as reasons why it’s important to cook together as a couple.  If you’re interested in starting to cook with your loved one, take a look at this article as well.

How To Cook Together

As for a wonderful steak dinner, something that could be helpful while cooking is putting on some music in the background.  It may ease some tension (if you’ve never cooked together before) and create a more upbeat environment.  Don’t play it too loud to avoid conversation (unless you’re singing together which could be a bonding experience on its own) or to fill in the silence.  You don’t want to be yelling over the music to communicate something with your partner, because that could cause frustration while you’re cooking.  Remember to have fun with it! Dance around, laugh together, and relax!

Keep in mind that you’ll both have different opinions on how things should be cooked, chopped, and sliced.  Ordering your partner around should definitely be a taboo in the kitchen.  Words like “Don’t dice the onions that way! Do it like this!” can be destructive to the intimate dinner you’re trying to create.  Try instead to ask “Would you dice the onions smaller, please? I’m not a fan of big chunks”.  Everyone has different tastes and you’ll need to learn to compromise on spices, salt, and pepper.  Ingredients that are liked by one and not the other should be put on the side to add later.

Does it seem like your partner doesn’t like to cook?  Maybe it’s because they don’t really know how.  Encourage them by letting them go at their own pace.  There is no rush when it comes to cooking and if you get hungry in the meantime, make yourself a little platter of cheese and crackers to hold you over until the meal is ready.  If one of you (or even both of you) doesn’t know how to cook, start with an easy recipe to build up confidence.  Most of all, try to be helpful, understanding, and patient.  If you’re unsure on how to cook steak (or whatever you may be making), look it up online.  There are so many helpful websites on how to cook ( eHow Food )and even more websites with amazing recipes ( )

Time For Dinner!

Once the food is cooked, get comfortable where you normally would eat, pop open that bottle of wine, and have a blast.  Talk about your day or watch that movie you never seem to have the time for.  The point is to be together and enjoy a delicious meal at the same time.  Doesn’t really matter what you’re doing, as long as you’re having fun!

Does it go well when you cook with your significant other?

Tell us about it!  Leave a comment below or a personal message.

See you tomorrow morning!

Good Morning, Joe

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6 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner, Honey?

  1. My hubby and I actually joke around. If he’s cooking the main meal, he calls me his sous chef…LOL! Often, though, we take turns. We enjoy being within hearing distance of each other while we’re in the kitchen, though, so that we can spend time talking and laughing.

    • Well that’s still a great way to go about it, at least one person isn’t stuck doing all the cooking by themselves, you’re both still involved. “Sous chef”…so cute!

  2. Nice pictures and tips! My husband often offers to help cook, and we have a lot of fun in the kitchen. He’s a huge help with holiday meals, and he does all the after-meal cleanup as well. His mama raised him well! :-)

    • That is so true! It’s nice to treat yourself to a night out like that. Since I work as a waitress, I see a lot of regulars. Some of them complain all the time (it’s too cold in the restaurant, it’s too loud, they don’t like the music, can they sit somewhere else away from any kids, their food isn’t to their liking (and yet they keep coming back?) so it’s kind of like “Maybe you should be cooking your own food? Could be fun!”.

      I find that everything is easier with a good attitude and when you’re with good company!

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