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Parenthood Season 4 Episode 5 – There’s Something I Need to Tell You

Parenthood Season 4 Episode 2 - Left Field

Parenthood Season 4 Episode 5 – There’s Something I Need to Tell You

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Sarah is put in an awkward situation at work.  Meanwhile, Julia has a hard time focusing on work and makes a decision to better the situation.  Kristina shares some emotional news with the family.

The Episode

All I have to say is “Wow!”.  “There’s Something I Need to Tell You” is quite the emotional episode bringing up tears of joy and tears of sadness.  Be prepared for an intense, emotional episode.

The episode starts right off with Julia in her office working late.  Stressed and stuck at work, she tells Joel over the phone that she won’t be able to make it to Sydney’s ballet recital.  Next, we see Crosby and Jasmine, looking over a quite expensive bill which Crosby explains will be cut in half because Adam will reimburse him for the meals he ate.  Jasmine wonders why Adam always pays for lunch and Crosby reveals that it’s because Adam makes more than he does.  “Why?” Jasmine asks and Crosby explains that he took a big pay cut when he went into business with him.  They come to the conclusion that Crosby needs to discuss his salary with Adam.

As Kristina looks through pictures online of Haddie away at college, Amber stops by to help Max with his campaign (he’s decided to run for student council president).  Sensing awkwardness from Amber (which is rare since she’s usually so easy going) Kristina asks “Amber, did Uncle Adam tell you something?”.  Amber explains that all she wants to do is help and Kristina reassures her that she’s going to be okay.

Next, we find Sarah in the dark room at work.  As Hank (played by Ray Romano) teaches her how to develop pictures, he thanks her for her help with his daughter, Ruby, who is now asking to come visit him.  Hank is so happy about reconnecting with his daughter (all thanks to Sarah) that he expresses his feelings in a surprising way, leaving Sarah speechless (which may be a first for Sarah).

The problems and difficult situations…

The next morning, Joel wonders what’s going on with Julia since she was up all night working and is now making pancakes after a lack of sleep.  “I screwed up,”  Julia says.  Apparently, she missed a deadline which is pretty serious business and is worried about her job.  Sydney strolls into the kitchen and Julia asks about her recital.  Sydney gives her mom a bit of a cold shoulder and announces that it’s unfair when Julia later promises Victor she’ll be at his baseball game.

Kristina confronts Adam about him telling Amber about her illness and then comes to the conclusion that it’s time to tell the family.  What she’s concerned about the most, however, is telling Haddie.  Meanwhile, Sarah wakes up next to Mark and convinces him to go jogging with her, all the while over-doing it on the “our relationship is so great!” conversation as they run.  Obviously she’s feeling a little overwhelmed about the situation at the studio which may lead to a serious conversation with Mark later on about the seriousness of their relationship.

At the Luncheonette, Crosby approaches Adam about his salary. Adam says he can’t talk about it at the moment, forcing and awkward (and somewhat heated) discussion about money.  In the meantime, Zeek heads over to the Veteran Center to see Ryan, only to find out he hasn’t been around for days and was a no-show at his job interview.  Kristina and Adam video chat with Haddie after deciding to tell her about Kristina’s illness.  They try their best to bring it up casually and try to stay positive for her.  Of course, Haddie is worried for her mother and Adam and Kristina try to persuade her to keep her chin up, wanting her to focus on school and having fun.

The middle…

Julia meets with someone about her “screw up” and asks if they could possibly look the other way.  She explains about how adopting Victor has not been going smoothly and that’s the reason why she hasn’t been completely focused on her work.  At the same time, Zeek goes to see Ryan at his home to talk about why he hasn’t been to the Veteran Center.  Ryan shuts him down by slamming the door on him.

Later, Haddie calls her father (Adam) in tears, confessing that she can’t stop thinking about her mom (Kristina).   She desperately wants more information and demands to be talked to like an adult.  Adam tearfully tells her all he knows and where they are at exactly, asking her to be strong for her mother.  After, Kristina and Adam explain the situation to Max the best that they can, telling him they need him to be more grown up.  Based on his reaction, Kristina wonders if he even cares.  Adam reassures her that he does.

As Julia cooks for her children, Victor wonders why the whole Braverman family is going to his baseball game.  All of a sudden, things become extremely overwhelming, the kids are bickering loudly, the toast is burning, and Julia breakdown into tears on the floor in Joel’s arms saying “I can’t do it!”.  Meanwhile, Camille tries to help Zeek understand how Ryan might be feeling.

As Amber helps Max with his campaign, he opens up to her about his mother and what it means to be more grown up.  At the same time, Sarah and Hank order in Chinese food at the studio, obviously avoiding what happened earlier.  Hank, after a bit of probing from Sarah, spills his heart out, making things a little clearer for Sarah.

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks!

Zeek confronts Ryan about his behavior towards him and as Ryan gets defensive, he defuses the tension by inviting him to Victor’s baseball game.  The whole Braverman family is sitting in the bleachers as Zeek introduces Ryan to each family member and sits him next to Amber.  What a great day for a ballgame!  I spoke too soon…Julia gets and important call on her cellphone from work, informing her that she desperately needs to get there ASAP.  As Julia leaves, Crosby approaches Adam about his salary again, but this time focusing on how Adam has been acting as of late.  “You’re acting like a jackass!”  Crosby exclaims, to which Adam responds “Okay, you’re right.”

In the stands, Max starts to ask him mother questions about her illness and shows his concern (the only way he knows how) by expressing some knowledge about her illness.  The family has been watching as Victor is constantly kept at the bench and as Max and Kristina’s private conversation ends, Zeek calls out to the coach to let Victor play.  The whole family stands behind him at that moment convincing the coach to let him play.  The result is a classic feel-good baseball moment.  You need to watch it to really feel it!

The Ending

Back at Julia’s work, an intense meeting arises from her mistakes.  They scold her for her lack of commitment to her clients and for missing the deadline, which brings Julia to make what be a smart decision about the direction of her life.  Meanwhile, the Braverman family is at a restaurant, celebrating after the baseball game over pizza and soft drinks.  Ryan socializes with Amber, showing a possible relationship there.  Sarah blurts out an idea to Mark saying “Why wait?” and Mark happily agrees.

Kristina, watches as her family celebrates (probably feeling a little distant) and is shocked to see Haddie walk into the restaurant, surprising the whole family.  You can see the worry on the Braveman’s faces, sensing that something must be wrong for Haddie to come home.  Their feelings are all confirmed when Kristina starts to cry and asks Amber to take the kids to another room to play games.  The family listens intently as Kristina announces “I love you all so much and just wanted to say that and…there’s something I need to tell you…”

An emotional ending follows and I highly recommend watching it if you haven’t already.  Here’s a tip:  BRING KLEENEX!

What did you think about the episode?  Where do you think the season is heading?

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Good Morning, Joe

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