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Not Used to Travelling? Check the List!

I, for one, get very nervous when it comes to traveling.

The night before leaving, all I can think about is if I forgot to pack something.  I mentally make a check list of all the clothes I need, what I MUST remember to bring, the things I have to do, etc.  For me, the worrying never stops until I’m in the car (or on the train, plane, bus, or subway) and on my way.  Even then my heart stops for a split second when I wonder “Did I lock all the doors?”.  What a terrible feeling that is!  Most of the time I figure that if I have my keys, passport, tickets, and money then the rest doesn’t matter, but it’s nice to have a piece of mind knowing that you have absolutely all that you need.

Here are a few things that really make me feel more at ease 

Find a good Packing List

For Christmas, my sister bought me Pack This! What an absolutely amazing idea!

Everything you need to remember on one little list.  It helps me to not only to feel more organized, but reminds me of the things I may be forgetting.  Sure, making your own list is easy, but what if you forget an item?  You may be wishing you got Pack This! to remember to bring that cellphone charger!

It basically has a list of every single item you may need on your trip.  It reminds you of things from Snacks and Reading Material to Razors and Deodorant!  Feel like you’re forgetting something you absolutely must remember to bring?  Check off important items as you put them into your purse (or travel bag).

Clean the house

What I also try to do before heading off for the weekend is clean the house.  I know, sounds tiring and like too much to do before leaving, but trust me!  It will make you feel a million times better to come home to a clean house.  After driving for hours (or being stuck next to a hysterical baby on a place) the last thing you want to do is have piled up dishes in your sink on top of having to unpack.

Make a checklist of things to turn off/close/lock up

You not only have the trip to worry about.  Don’t forget the wonderful home you’re leaving behind!  Make a list of things to turn off, close, and lock up before leaving.  For instance:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Shed
  • Gate to the backyard
  • Stove/oven/toaster oven
  • Coffee machine
  • Hair straightener/Curling iron
  • Iron
  • TVs
  • Lights
  • Unnecessary  electrical appliances
  • Thermostat (adjust it to the temperature you want to keep it at while away)
  • Blinds/Curtains/etc.
  • Valuable items you may leave outside (lawn furniture, bikes, etc.)

Of course, some people like to leave the lights on a timer (which is an excellent idea) and shutting all your blinds may look like there’s no one home after a while, but remember to do what makes you feel comfortable and what is safe for your home.  Don’t forget to set your alarm and put down your security bar for windows and doors that have them.

Buy items that will make traveling in your car easier

Here is a small list of items that I find to be extremely useful for road trips:

These few things can really simplify things while in the car.

Try to save money where you can

When it comes to traveling, it can start to get a bit pricey when you’re constantly eating out or buying snack while on your way.  Prices at airports can be ridiculously overpriced, as well as snacks at rest stops.  Try to buy food before hand (hence why you may need a cooler) and stock up on juice boxes, sandwiches, and lunchbox snacks.  They take up little space and you’ll find it to be a lot less expensive this way.

Force yourself (if you need forcing) to unwind!

Don’t sit around worrying about everything for hours before leaving.  It’s extremely tiring and unproductive.  Once you’ve checked your list and made sure everything is in order : TAKE A BREAK!  Sit down with a good book, watch a funny show, or have a nice chat with a friend before leaving.  Running around to make sure you check that you packed your toothbrush 10 times is only going to make you crazy.  Did you check the toothbrush check box after putting it in the toiletry bag?  If you did, then there is no need to check it over and over.  Once the box is checked you have no reason to worry about that item anymore.  Like I said, force yourself if you have to.  It’s a hard habit to break, but once you trust yourself (and your list) you’ll feel a lot more relaxed and ready for your getaway!

You’ve got the idea now!

Relax.  Everything is ready to go for your trip!  There will always be little things to remember so try to facilitate things by doing the best you can with what you’ve got.  Of course, a lot of things depend on where you’re going, who you’re going with, how you’ll be getting there, when you’re traveling and what kind of home you have, so keep in mind that there will be trips that you need to plan ahead for.  I just remember that whenever I feel stressed or anxious…I use the list.  Soothes me every time.

Good Morning, Joe

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