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Try Another Use for a Picture Frame

Musical Picture Frames Anyone?

Holding on to CD’s or even records from when you were younger?  Can’t bear to throw some of them away because of the emotional attachment you have to them (not to mention the great memories that come along with listening to your favorite album)?  If you’ve got an empty wall you don’t know what to do with or an entertainment/music room then try this quick and easy way to keep all your great memories from fading!

Use a picture frame to display your favorite CDs (or records, but for the sake of this post I’ll stick with CDs)!  In this post, I will be showing pictures of what I did to display my Jamie Cullum “Chasing Tales” CD that was, in fact, autographed by him (which I got him to sign myself!) in 2006.  If you want and have the items, this is a great way for displaying guitar picks, set lists, autographs, drums sticks and any other band memorabilia that you may have, but for this post, I will be presenting steps to framing your favorite CD.

Here are a few simple steps to think about while working on this project.

Step 1

Go through your collection of favorites

Favorite CD in Picture Frame


Pick one that you won’t mind keeping sealed up for…well a long time if you wish.  Transfer the music onto your computer or laptop so you can continue to listen to it (if you haven’t already done that already).

Step 2 

Get a picture frame that will fit what you want to display

Favorite CD in Picture FrameFavorite CD in Picture Frame


Records will require bigger frames, but as for CDs I found a great 30 x 40 cm frame at IKEA that really did the trick.



Step 3 

Quickly arrange the CD and album cover

Favorite CD in Picture Frame


Do like a “preview” of what the CD and album cover will look like in the frame.  Make adjustments to the background it need be (try different colors, different positions, etc)

TIP : I found a simple CD case cover to sit the CD in so it wouldn’t move about in the picture frame once up.  It prevents you from having to tape the back of the CD to the back of the frame (which could possibly ruin the CD….although I’m not 100% on that I prefer to be on the safe side).

Step 4

Tape the back of the album cover

Favorite CD in Picture Frameavorite CD in Picture FrameOnce you know exactly where you’re placing the CD and album cover, tape the back of it to the back of the picture frame.  Use little tape (since you don’t need much and don’t want to ruin the cover).

TIP:  Be sure to center the cover properly before taping.

Step 5

Tape the cover to the 2nd page

Favorite CD in Picture Frame

This will prevent the cover from opening up once you put the frame on the wall.

Step 6

Tape the CD case

Favorite CD in Picture Frame

Once again, use little tape and make sure you center it properly.  I overlapped the case onto the cover just a little in case the cover comes loose.  Less chance of it moving around.

Step 7

Double check your work

Favorite CD in Picture Frame

Make sure everything is placed and lined up how you want it.  Make any last minute adjustments if need be.  The last thing you want is to put it into the frame, mount it on the wall and realize it’s all crooked and have to repeat the whole process.  Double, triple check!  It will save you the headache later.

Step 8

Place into Frame

Favorite CD in Picture FrameWhat I did was hold the back of the frame like you can see in the picture on the left.  I picked a deep picture frame so everything would fit inside.  The problem with that is I would have to flip the whole back over to place it in the frame.  I wanted to avoid doing that in case everything fell apart.  So I held it like so and very carefully slipped it into the frame.

TIP:  If there are those little black flaps that you have to bend in order to get the back in or out, I suggest REALLY making sure they won’t get in your way.  Otherwise you’ll have to keep adjusting when you just want it to go in in one shot!

Step 9

Check what you’ve put together

Favorite CD in Picture Frame

Before putting it on the wall, make sure that you are happy with the work you’ve done!  Take a look at it.  Need to add anything?  Is the color all wrong? Is something sliding around or coming undone?

Step 10

Mount the frame on the wall

Favorite CD in Picture Frame

Probably the easiest part, but important none the less!

You’re done!

Hopefully this post will inspire you to find a great way to cherish your favorite items instead of leaving them boxed away in the attic.  It really is nice to see every now and then, plus an autograph is so special (especially to me) that I feel it would be a shame not to display it in this way.

Good Luck!

See you tomorrow morning!

Good Morning, Joe


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