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Parenthood Season 4, Episode 3 – Everything is not Okay

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Parenthood Season 4 Episode 3 – Everything is not Okay

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Adam and Kristina cope with emotional news and turn to unexpected friends and family for support.  Meanwhile, Zeek’s driving abilities bring up heated debates concerning his behavior with the grandchildren and issues concerning his health.   Sarah approaches Hank about his attitude towards her and finds out a possible reason for his bitterness.

The Episode

Parenthood Season 4 Episode 3 - Everything is not Okay

Parenthood Season 4, Episode 3 starts with Max finding out that the vending machine has been taken out of his school.  He screams out that it’s unfair, causing a scene, and rushes off leaving his friend behind. He seems to be unaware of how his behavior is affecting his only friend.

Parenthood Season 4 Episode 3 - Everything is not Okay


Meanwhile, Adam tries to keep Kristina in a good mood as they wait for what seems to be forever to be seen by Dr. Bledsoe.  Another patient (Gwen Chambers) introduces herself to Kristina and offers some support saying “Call me.  Seriously.” in case she gets overwhelmed or confused about the situation.

A soon-to-be-married couple talks to Sarah about wanting Hank to be the photographer at their wedding on Saturday, since the photographer they booked a year ago is sick.  Hank refuses to do the shoot, saying he’s taken a personal day which leaves the bride-to-be in tears and leaves Sarah in shock at his response of “I don’t do weddings”.  Once again, Hank has shown us his low social skills, but makes us wonder what could possibly be bothering him about weddings.  Is it simply that shooting weddings is beneath him as an artist or is there some underlying reason?

Next, Zeek picks up his grandchildren from school and starts cursing out loud as he misses the street he was supposed to turn down (classic Zeek, but should he really be swearing like that in front of the grandchildren?) and makes an illegal U-Turn.  He gets pulled over by a young police officer who informs Zeek that his license has been expired for over a year making Zeek react by stepping out of the car.  Zeek then gets arrested for his aggression right in front of the grandchildren.  (You’d think the police officer would have taken it easy with such young children in the back seat).

Adam and Kristina finally get seen by Dr. Bledsoe and are frustrated with how little attention he pays to Kristina.  His cell phone rings off the hook (he answers every call even if in the middle of explaining something to the emotional couple), seems to expect them to know all the medical terms he throws at them, and pushes Kristina to make decisions as soon as possible.  When Adam brings up the possibility of getting a second opinion, the doctor brushes him off saying that they shouldn’t wait, but leaves Adam and Kristina with more questions than before they walked in.

Sarah and Mark seem to be enjoying a nice time together, but Sarah can’t get off the subject of Hank turning down the wedding shoot.  Mark pretends to be Hank as Sarah comes up with ideas on how to persuade him to do the gig when she comes to the realization that all she really wants is for Hank to be nicer to her.  Sarah vows to discuss that problem with Hank.

Parenthood Season 4 Episode 3 - Everything is not Okay

“I don’t do weddings.” – Hank

Joel and Julia, Kristina and Adam, and Jasmine and Crosby go to the police station to pick up their kids as Zeek makes a scene about how unfairly he was treated, making the whole family leave the police station as soon as possible.  Adam, Sarah, Julia, and Crosby band together to discuss Zeek’s behavior around the grandchildren and Crosby brings up the fact that maybe his heart medication could be impairing his driving abilities.  Julia wonders if their father should be driving at all and Sarah debates that Zeek would never drive the kids around if he was taking medication that could impair his driving skills.

As they are getting into bed for the night, Kristina laughs at how Max described the driving incident as a “low speed chase” (which most likely offended Zeek to hear) and Adam decides to discuss the fact that he doesn’t trust (or necessarily like) Dr. Bledsoe.  In Adam’s opinion he was too distracted and would like for Kristina to get a second opinion.

Adam then takes his frustrations out on Amber while Max ignores his friend, unable to concentrate on anything other than the lack of a vending machine in their school.  Adam and Kristina consult another doctor for a second opinion.  This doctor is very friend and helpful compared to Dr. Bledsoe, and seems genuinely concerned for how Kristina is dealing with the news (which impresses both Adam and Kristina).

Sarah finally gets her chance to approach Hank.  “If you could possibly speak more respectfully to me” she says as Hank reacts badly and feels she’s trying to push him to take the shoot for the wedding.  He explains that “Weddings suck, so I don’t do them,” forcing Sarah to back down.

Parenthood Season 4 Episode 3 - Everything is not Okay

“I was unlawfully detained!” – Zeek

Zeek tries to explain to his children at a family meeting that he was “unlawfully detained” and doesn’t understand why they are all making such a fuss about what happened.  He tells them that he forgot to renew his license and gets offended by what they are implying about his behavior and driving capabilities.  Camille is disappointed in her children’s accusations saying “I hope you’re proud of yourselves” and explains that their father is not an invalid.

After the meeting, Mark senses that Sarah is extremely bothered by Hank’s reaction as asks if maybe they could talk about something else.  Max’s friend asks to go home since Max can only focus on the vending machine, forcing Adam to take care of the situation by telling Kristina to take it easy.  Camille helps Zeek by quizzing him on driving questions and Amber goes overboard by trying to get back on Adam’s good side.  Crosby reassures her that Adam is “just being Adam” and asks her if she wants to learn more about recording.

Adam approaches Max about how he’s been ignoring his friend while Kristina meets with Gwen Chambers to talk over coffee.  Gwen gives Kristina some honest tips about what she’ll have to go through (from how her friends will be to how Adam will become extremely protective).  Gwen explains to Kristina  the real reason behind Dr. Bledsoe’s inconsiderate behavior that she can’t ignore. You can start to feel a bond between the two of then when Kristina opens up about feeling unable to talk to Adam because of his relentless positivity.

Hank shows up unexpectedly to pick up Sarah, deciding that he’ll do the shoot for the wedding.  Meanwhile, Adam asks Amber to pick up Max from school.  She argues that Crosby has asked for her help in a session, confesses that she doesn’t want to be the just a “secretary” and feels like she can be a valuable member to the team forcing Adam to explain the real reason as to why he needs her help.  “Kristina’s sick…”

The episode concludes with Amber picking Max up from school and listening to his feelings about the vending machine.  Zeek comes out of the driving test in one piece (believe it or not) and shocks Camille with his score.  Hank is surprised that the shoot went as well as it did saying “It went okay” (what more could you ask for coming from Mr. Bitter About Weddings!).  Over a bottle of champagne, Sarah finds out something about Hank’s past that could explain a lot about his behavior towards others…and her.  Kristina discusses her decision to continue to see Dr. Bledsoe with Adam.  She pours her heart out to him, explaining what she really needs from him in these hard times.  Max suddenly bursts into their room, announcing what he plans to do about the vending machine which ends the episode on a surprising note.

What did you think about the episode?  Where do you think the season is heading?

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