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Hedley’s “Kiss You Inside Out” Lyrics

Hello, Good Morning, Joe Followers!

Just a quick little something I’ve had on my mind…

Does anyone else feel like somehow these lyrics just…aren’t quite right?  Kind of “50 Shades of Grey” – ish, if you ask me.    Anyone else feel the same?  Let me know!

– Marie

Hedley – Kiss You Inside Out

I don’t know if you’re ready to go
Where I’m willing to take you girl
I will feel every inch of your skin
And you know I can rock your world
Imma be the calm in the storm you’re looking for
I’ll be the shipwreck that takes you down
I don’t mind if you lie in my bed
We can stay here forever now.
Ouuu oohhh

Turn off the lights
Take off your clothes
Turn on the stereo
Ouuu oohhh
Give up the fight
I’m in control
Why don’t you let it go.

Yeah, I wanna know you inside out
I’ll spend my life trying to figure out
Just close your eyes and shut your mouth
And let me kiss you inside out.


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