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Lying on the Moon

Norma Jean Mortenson  a.k.a Marilyn Monroe, (Los Angeles, June 1, 1926 – Los Angeles, August 5, 1962) was one of the most famous American actresses.

It is one of the most famous movie stars of all time, a symbol of sensuality and an icon of popularity on twentieth century.

Early years

The birth name of Marilyn Monroe was Norma Jean Mortenson. She was born in County Hospital in Los Angeles. She never knew her biological father, a fact that made her very upset. Many biographers believe that the biological father was Charles Stanley Gifford Marilyn, a sales agent RKO studio, where Gladys Pearl Monroe, Marilyn’s mother worked. She was editor of films, but serious psychological problems prevented her from staying on the job and she was admitted to a hospice. The birth certificate says Martin Edward Mortenson, husband of Gladys, who is the biological father of Marilyn, but he only…

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