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5 Fun Activities for your Thanksgiving Festivities

Canadian Thanksgiving is right around the corner, everyone!  It’s almost time to get out your autumn decoration, turkey basters, and homemade cranberry sauce!

Having your family over for a Thanksgiving feast and looking for some family fun-filled activities?  Here are five fun activities for your Thanksgiving Festivities that the whole family will enjoy!

#1. Pumpkin Carving Contest

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Pumpkin Carving Contest

When inviting family members to your Thanksgiving family dinner, let them that you’ll be having a pumpkin carving contest!  Encourage guests to carve a pumpkin and to bring it with them to your home in order to enter the contest (if you have enough room at your home, host the pumpkin carving in your backyard or family room!).  If there’s a lack of space at your home, have them take pictures of their carvings.  Designate a judge (one who will take the job seriously!), and have them pick the winners of a specific category (rather than having only one winner).

For example, have a winner for the pumpkin that is the:

  • scariest
  • funniest
  • strangest
  • most creative
  • best look-alike

Pick the categories before hand and feel free to give out prizes for the winners!  Remember to take lots of pictures to remember the beautiful carvings everyone made.

#2.  Pie Baking Contest

Pie Baking Contest

Pie Baking Contest

Apple pie, anyone?  Have your guests (whoever wants to participate that is) bring a homemade pie to your Thanksgiving feast.  When it’s time for dessert, place the pies in an area for all to see.  Pick 3 judges (of different ages and personalities) and, without telling them whose pie it is, have them rate the pies from 1 to 5 (5 being the most delicious).  The pie with the most points wins!  Award them with a simple prize (you can find beautiful candles at the dollar store) and they’ll have bragging rights for the whole year until the next Thanksgiving feast.

#3. Wine Tasting (for adults)

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

Nothing warms you up like a little glass of wine around the holidays.  A lot of family members bring gifts to the host (usually a bottle of wine).  So, instead of keeping it for another special occasion, pop off the cork and share it with everyone!  Ask people willing to participate to bring their favorite bottle of wine (feel free to name a price range) and have little cups ready for people use for tasting a bottle of wine they may never have tried before.  It could open some people’s eyes to different tastes, meanwhile creating great conversations while tasting.

#4.  Thanksgiving Tree

Thanksgiving Tree

Thanksgiving Tree

Pick up a large piece of cardboard or poster board at the store for your background.  Buy some construction paper with plenty of fall colors (red, orange, yellow, and brown).  Cut out a bark for your tree, as well as branches.  Stick it on a wall in your home (use something that won’t damage your walls like Sticky Tack) where everyone can see. When your guests have arrived, explain how the Thanksgiving Tree works.  Show everyone that there are scissors and pencils near the tree for posting your “Thanks” on the Thanksgiving Tree.  Have someone help younger children with this activity and have everyone participating.

Have your guests trace their hand on the colorful construction paper, cut it out, and write their “thanks” on the “leaf”, along with their name.  Ask them to stick their leaf onto a branch, and when it comes time to say thanks, have someone pick the leaves off the tree and read them out loud to everyone.

#5.  Guessing Game : How Many Apples in the Basket?

How many apples in the basket?

How many apples in the basket?

Have a basket ready and fill it up with apples!  Use it as a decoration and display it for all to see.  Inform your guests that there will be a prize awarded to the person whose guess is the closest to the actual number of apples.

Keep a cup, pencils, and slips of paper next to the basket and have everyone write down their guess on a slip of paper and drop it into the cup.

Make sure you’re the only one who knows how many apples are in there, since you’ll be in charge of going through the guesses and announcing the winner.

Not sure what to give as a prize? How about the whole basked of apples?

See any activities you like?

Remember to have fun with Thanksgiving activities and see which ones work best for your family and friends.  Not a host this year?  Suggest a few activities that might bring the family closer together.

See you tomorrow morning!
Good Morning, Joe


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