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Every day I find myself wishing I was more organized with my time.  I always feel overwhelmed on my days off,  thinking that I should have planned my days a little better.  Something that I can never seem to get done on time are chores.

There is always so much around the house that needs to get done.

  • sweeping/vacuuming
  • laundry
  • cleaning bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedrooms, etc.
  • dishes
  • dusting
  • mopping

I find myself getting overwhelmed, forcing me to use my “Spur of the Moment Cleaning”  Emergency Kit.

Thank goodness I have someone around to help me out.  But whether you’re alone or not, it’s still important to organize your time so you have less of that “I’ve got to clean. Right. NOW!” sort of feeling  Try spreading out your tasks!

Here are a few of my ideas for getting all your chores organized!

First, take a piece of paper and write down a list of all the chores you’d like to be done at least every week.  Next, take another piece of paper and jot down all the chores you’d like to be done every month.

On the first piece of paper, write down every day of the week like this:


Daily Chores

Assign ONE chore to every day to start off with.

For example:

MONDAY:           Sweeping/Vacuuming
TUESDAY:          Laundry
WEDNESDAY:    Clean Bathroom
THURSDAY:       Clean Living Room
FRIDAY:              Clean Kitchen
SATURDAY:        Dishes
SUNDAY:           Dusting

Post the list in a place you can see it (like the fridge or by the TV).  Make sure that you look at it every day and do exactly what it says for each day.  Start off with one chore a day to make it a little easier.  Don’t forget to put them in an order that makes sense to you!  For example, see how I put “dusting” on Sundays and “sweeping/vacuuming” on Monday?  It makes more sense to dust first and vacuum after!

As time goes by and you get into the habit of doing your “Chore of the Day”, then feel free to add the things you’d rather do more often.  Don’t forget to organize the chores to fit your needs!  If you know the garbage is collected on Wednesdays then collect all the garbage in your house on Tuesdays.

For example:

MONDAY:             Sweeping/Vacuuming  –  Dishes
TUESDAY:            Laundry – Collect all garbage in house
WEDNESDAY:    Clean Bathroom
THURSDAY:        Clean Living Room  –  Dishes
FRIDAY:               Clean Kitchen  – Laundry
SATURDAY:         Dishes  –  Clean bedroom
SUNDAY:             Dusting

When you find a schedule that fits you well and satisfies your need to be more organized with your chores(without make you resent it), remember to keep it posted in a place you’ll see it day after day.  Use it as encouragement!  Use it to really motivate you to get things done!

Monthly Chores

On the second page, write down DATES of the month.  These will be designated days that you will be taking care of chores that are more….shall we say “challenging”?  Pick only 3 or 4 dates to start.

For example:
Then assign the tasks that you feel are most important to you to those dates.

For example:

05-  Clean the laundry room
15-  Go through the fridge
27-  Organize pantry

These are things that don’t have to be done every single day, or even every single week!  Just things that should get done at least once a month to keep things tidy.  Of course, some people put more priority on certain tasks than others, but it’s really up to you to make that decision.  Remember, it has to work for you!

Keep this list near the list of chores you do every day of the week.  Make sure you do these chores on the designated day.

Once you’ve gotten into a steady rhythm, feel free to change it up if certain things aren’t working. If you find you’re spending too much time vacuuming when you don’t really need it, replace it with something else.  Mix and match!  Really make it your own.

This is a quick and easy idea to to use to ease your way into getting organized with your chores.  When it comes to more people being involved, it may get a bit more complicated.  Talk it through with everyone else involved and get their opinions.  See which chores interest them the most!  If you find there are chores no one wants to take then try drawing names or f lip a coin.

There are many Chore Lists out there on the internet as well.  They are really great to get ideas of what you want to get done.  However, I feel it’s a lot more personal to write things up on your own and come up with your own lists.  You might feel a little more connected to it and willing to follow through.  If you were to just print out any old Chore List, you might find yourself skipping certain tasks.  Or not!  Who knows!  Try it out and remember to always do what works best for you.

Best of luck!

See you tomorrow morning!
Good Morning, Joe


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