Note to Followers

Good morning, “Good Morning, Joe” followers!

I’ve been having a blast coming up with different ideas to write about throughout the week.  Here’s the thing though, I’ve been wondering and needing to know a little bit more about what you think I should be writing about!  As you can see, everything is a little bit up in there air.  Topics vary from Beauty and Make up to Life and Cleaning.

True, I have only been writing this blog for about a week now and all my posts are yes, quick and to the point, but on the other hand very random topics.  I actually do really like that idea since I like to hear about different things in life, whether personal information or common sense, but to others it may see a little crazed and unorganized.

If ever there is a topic you’d like to read about on a weekly or daily basis, let me know ( goodmorningjoewordpress@gmail.com ).  It can be as simple as pictures of cute cats to as strange as witches and werewolves.  Don’t be shy to open up.  I’m up for any sort of challenge you can throw my way.

Also, for an easier way, answer my poll!  Definitely a quick way to let your needs be heard :)

Thank you so much for reading and hopefully you’ll see how much this blog will become a more stable place to visit!

See you tomorrow morning!

– Good Morning, Joe

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