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My Favorite Coffee Mug

ImageThis is my all time favorite coffee mug!  I got it at a little shop in called Tout Simplement Sophie.

“A friendly flower shop located in Greenfield Park on the south shore of Montréal. In business since 2006, [they] offer a nice variety of flowers as well as productions of the local handicrafts including those of the owner (Sophie) and members of her family (mother, daughter, spouse).

You will be greeted by the “fleuristes” Sophie and Fanny who make a point to answer your needs no matter what the occasion : a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, a funeral or any other event. The flowers being displayed in the middle of the place, you can even venture in the craft and create your own arrangement if you wish to do so.”

Le magasin

The mug I purchased was actually done by Sophie (her initials are are mug by the handle).  I absolutely love the music theme behind it.  As you can tell, there is a little chip around the edge of the mug!  I was so brokenhearted and couldn’t bear to throw it away.  I still drink out of it every week!  Perfect size for my morning coffee.

Do you have a favorite mug?


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Coffee Mug

  1. I do have a favorite mug! It’s cream colored with butterflies. I love this post. I have a collection of mugs and they are almost all different. It makes the collection interesting and full of memories!
    Neaten Your Nest

    • My mugs too! I find there are much more special that way and you can decide which one you want depending on how you’re feeling that day. Bigger one, smaller one, rounder one, curvier one…love it!

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