Beautiful typed in Google Search

If you type “beautiful” into Google Search in Images, this is the first picture that shows up.

I have to say that I do find this to be very beautiful.  Looking at it I find I’m almost in a dream.  The thickness of the clouds, the color of the sky.  The thin sliver of the moon.  It’s almost too good to be true.

The thing I find strange is that a lot of the pictures seem rather magical, as if from another land or universe.  Funny that most of the pictures seem to be fake or altered.

These pictures are of things we see everyday, but greatly exaggerated.  The the picture on the right.  A moon, trees, clouds.  All beautiful things, but I find hard to look at when not portrayed in the right light.  These are scenes we will never see in our lifetime.  The picture depicts something impossible.  It makes me feel sad.

I’m not saying that these pictures should not exist or should not be shown as being “beautiful”.  Actually, it does inspire someone to dream and I believe that is the reason for these pictures.  But, I am REALLY impressed by people who are able to capture raw beauty.  Whether it be nature, objects, or people.  I believe that THAT is what important to capture about our lives.  Real life is too important and meaningful to cover up with photoshop.

I feel torn.  I understand the need to be creative.  I realize that art is a form of expression.  It tells your wishes and desires.  But where are the pictures of real life beauty?  Where are the beautiful things of every day life?

Do you see them?

Cockatoo meets mohawk man

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5 thoughts on “Beautiful typed in Google Search

    • It is too big of a word. I was just surprised to see so many pictures like the ones I talked about! Where was the picture of a daughter eating an ice cream cone, of an old man laughing, of an amazingly beautiful sunset. No photoshop, just pure reality. That is beautiful to me.

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