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Different pieces of furniture in your home can eventually have different uses! Instead of throwing out that old, for example, desk…find a new use for it! Need some inspiration? Check this out!


This summer my dear sister-n-law Amy and I went on a garage sale frenzy…..

I came across one of those old sewing machine tables (equipped with the old sewing machine still attached…which is another story…) and had a vision that it would be a good receptacle for our portable ice machine we have on our back porch.

My husband groaned   leaped for joy at the opportunity to reuse this cool furniture find and we had it re-done in a few hours.

Here are the pics:

In order to for the ice machine to fit…after the sewing machine was removed, we cut out the opening to be a bit larger than existing.

Using cedar planks and plywood, we added a bottom shelf for the ice machine to sit on and a facade to cover the outside of the machine.  If you just wanted to place an ice bucket or other receptacle…

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