Good Morning, Joe!

This morning, while sipping on my morning cup of coffee, I came to a sudden realization: one of the highlights of my day is waking up and enjoying that fist sip of smoking hot coffee.
Not only is it the coffee I enjoy, but my morning ritual of taking out my laptop, logging into Word Press, and reading random posts on people’s blogs.

I believe that everyone needs a website or blog to look up everyday whether it’s while having a morning cup o’ joe, or on a coffee break at work.  Everyone deserves some time to just get their mind off of the every day life…even if for only a few minutes.

On top of writing my own ramblings, I would like to post some blogs from other people, talented writers, and quotes.  Feel free to comment on anything I put up, or just send me a link to a blog I might like.

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.



4 thoughts on “Good Morning, Joe!

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